be quiet! Pure Power 10 CM 500W Power Supply

We first took a look at be quiet!’s new budget line of semi-modular units back in May, when we found their Pure Power 10 600W unit doing some really impressive things for not much money. Today, we’re looking at the 500W model to see if we can expect more of the same from other units in the range.

SUPPLIED BY: be quiet!
PRODUCT: Pure Power 10 CM 500W
PROD LINK: be quiet!’s current offerings.
PRICE: $55.90 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Pure Power 10 CM 500W

Let’s have us another look at this company today: be quiet!. We haven’t heard too much from them at this here site, probably because they tend to live up to their name in this part of the world, and that’s a shame. They have repeatedly demonstrated that they do have what it takes to compete successfully in a market dominated by the likes of EVGA, Corsair, and Seasonic; and I’ve come to appreciate getting their units in here to review.

Today, our object of attention is the Pure Power 10 500W. You may remember the 600W model putting in a real good showing for itself, but also shutting down during the very last test in the hot box, where only the 12V side was loaded down. I want to see if the little brother does that, too, even though it doesn’t matter all that much if units shut down in the crossload tests where they are rarely used in the real world.

Pure Power 10 CM 500W

As was the case with big brother, all of the marketing is the same. And from the looks of things, most of the cabling is the same as well, just with a couple fewer PCIe connectors.

Personally, marketing promises aside, I hope we find this unit doing the same awesome performance big brother managed. You may remember that one doing excellent average regulation and very good to excellent ripple control. Despite being certified 80 Plus Silver, I seem to recall it nearly doing Gold efficiency, too. For a budget friendly model, that one had an awful lot going for it.

Pure Power 10 CM 500W

Opening up the box, we find about the same amount of stuff as big brother had: a decent user guide, some modular cables, some zip ties, some screws, and a power cord. No complaints here.

Note that this is the “cable management” model – you can actually get these fully hardwired as well, should you decide you hate life enough to make PC assembly harder for yourself.