Cougar GX-S650 650W Power Supply

Cougar is a name we haven’t seen in a little while, but they are still out there offering power supplies to the computing public. We’re looking at one of the new revised units in the GX-S line today, a 650 watt model that offers 80 Plus Gold efficiency at an attractive price.

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GX-S650 650W

I don’t get this. I keep asking for cougars to come around here, and someone keeps sending me power supplies. Sigh. I guess I’ll have to review the Cougar kind of power supply again today.

Cougar has seemingly updated the GX-S series, and would like me to have a look. I’m looking at the front of the box right now, and so are you. They’re already promising things on this box, like premium performance, Gold efficiency, low fan noise, consistency, and DC to DC technology. Because nothing sells me on the word “premium” like a three year warranty, I guess. But that’s why we’re here today… to see how premium the performance and build quality really is.

GX-S650 650W

I’ll admit the shortish warranty is a bit of a sticking point for me today. Three years is pretty much the industry standard for non high end units. In a time when Seasonic has pushed their warranties to absurd twelve year spans, three years really doesn’t amount to much anymore. More and more companies have gone to five or more years even on their lower end units, and I personally need to see that five year warranty before I will excuse a non ball bearing fan. Why? Because the fan is usually the first thing to go in a PSU, and if you don’t know what you’re doing with those sleeve bearing variants they won’t last.

Anyway, enough about that for now. We have other marketing here, and specifications for what looks like the entire GX-S line of units. I’ve got the 650W, second from the top. Most of the marketing on this side is much the same as we’ve seen time and time again from power supplies. Single 12V rail, supports more than one GPU, stable voltages… it’s all routine.

The box goes into detail about the protections present, but I don’t see overtemp protection being listed among them. That said, max full power temp is given as forty degrees, which should be plenty for most people. Cougar doesn’t expect to sell these to the industrial crowd, nor do I think that crowd is even looking twice at these mainstream consumer brands. Delta, Zippy, Etasis, Chicony, Lite-On, Murata… those are the kinds of brands the server guys are thinking about.

There is one marketing point still a bit uncommon at 650 watts – the depth. At 140mm deep, this unit promises to save you some much needed space. That said, Silverstone and Corsair are still pretty much leading the way, there. They have SFX units at this capacity or bigger in smaller boxes.

GX-S650 650W

There is still more marketing on this side of the box, and Cougar is laying it on thick this time. High quality. Excellent design. Rock solid. If I took all this at face value, I wouldn’t be much of a power supply reviewer, would I? No, this unit has to convince me via science, and I hope it is up to the job. I have much higher expectations than I did even five years ago, thanks to companies like Seasonic and Super Flower raising the bar to the point even Murata of Japan had issues getting to that level.

GX-S650 650W

Unpacked, there’s not a lot here to talk about. We have a pretty decent manual, some zip ties, a power cord, some screws, and a power supply. This is a budget unit, so we can’t really expect too many freebies in the box.