SilverStone SFX SX800-LTI 800W Power Supply

SilverStone’s been doing quite a lot for the SFX form factor in recent years. Not content to keep peddling lower powered offerings, they lengthened the SFX power supply housing a little bit so they could start cramming in more and more power. But the competition’s started to catch up, lately. So, SilverStone’s done what they always do… try to stay ahead. This time, they’ve not only crammed a staggering 800 watts into their SFX-L form factor housing, but they’ve also brought Titanium level efficiency along for the ride. Let’s see how things turned out.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
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SFX SX800-LTI 800W

SilverStone’s doing it again, folks. They’ve been cramming more and more power into smaller and smaller boxes. Now that the competition’s starting to catch on, they’re apparently trying to regain their edge in the market by going for high efficiency as well.

I have to admit I’m excited by this one. We’ve seen 80 Plus Titanium at this power level several times now, and it’s no longer anything new. But what we have not seen yet is Titanium at 800 watts in the SFX form factor.

The marketing already hits hard on the front of the box. In addition to the efficiency and small size, we find a single 12V rail being bragged about, a semi fanless mode, Japanese capacitors, and strict voltage regulation. We’ll just have to see about that last part… strict voltage regulation the way we tend to see it lately has never been that high a priority for this company.

SFX SX800-LTI 800W

There’s more marketing on the back of the box, but only in the form of fancy graphics. The rest is what we already saw from the front of the box in alternate languages. While they’re making much of the flat cables being easier to use, that really comes down to the implementation. As we’ve seen before, ribbon cables don’t always work well for cable management when it comes to the bigger cables, like the main ATX.

SFX SX800-LTI 800W

Specifications! Color? Black. Paint? Lead free. Connectors? A few of them. Man, I hope that Berg on the bottom right is off on its own adapter, because if it isn’t? Pow! Right in the kisser!

That’s a… rather low combined rating on the minor rails in the spec table for this size of a power supply. One is not overly concerned, however. Those two rails are becoming less and less important, and for a unit like this one it’s not too likely anything you build with it is going to need to run several old spinning disk hard drives.

SFX SX800-LTI 800W

Inside the box, we find some modular cables, two manuals, a power supply with a warning sash on it telling you about fanless mode, a bag of screws, and a power cord. And yes, the Berg is on its own adapter. Good. I’m puzzled, however, by the omission of an ATX adapter plate. SilverStone’s usually good about throwing in stuff like that with their SFX models. Will I score on that? Don’t know. Maybe.

The manuals are typical SilverStone excellence. No complaints there.