Riotoro Enigma 850W Power Supply

For the second time in a row, we’re looking at a brand new unit from a brand new company. Riotoro comes to us with a power supply and a plan for world power supply domination. Will they be successful?

PRODUCT: Enigma 850W
PROD LINK: Riotoro’s current offerings
PRICE: $119.99 MSRP
Price is at time of testing!

Riotoro Enigma 850W

Good morning. This is the power supply of Enigma. Er, Riotoro. In the next hour, we will take you with us into another world. Into the world of voltage, ripple, and efficiency. Turn off the light, take a deep breath, and relax. Now, turn the light back on so you don’t wreck your eyesight looking at a bright monitor in a dark room. Let that monitor be your guiding light as we find out together what kind of power supply Riotoro wants to show us. And if you’re like me, maybe skip that one track on MCMXC A.D. where the former Mrs. Cretu gets busy with herself. We don’t want any distractions. Or do we?

No. No, we do not. We want to see how good this power supply is. This is the second week in a row in which we’re looking at a new company looking to make their mark in the world of power supplies. Vivo came in last week and did a pretty good job of it. Will Riotoro do the same?

Riotoro Enigma 850W

I have to admit I have not much knowledge on how Riotoro got here, who they are as a company, or why they decided to call themselves river bulls. And I don’t care. All I care about is the product before me. As long as we get decent performance here today, Riotoro can call themselves whatever they want.

So far, they’re into the marketing a little more than Vivo was last week, it would seem. Vivo’s box was understated, preferring to let the unit inside do the talking. Riotoro’s is a little more forward, adding a bunch of graphs as well as a mission statement. That’s Ok… we all have something we need to sell, and you get nowhere in this market if you don’t at least try, and holy smokes guys, is Enigma’s latest CD ever starting out awesome right now.

Ahem. Anyway, this box has all the usual bevy of marketing on it. 80 Plus Gold, compatible with stuff, thermally controlled fan, five year warranty. Wait… semi-modular? I was kind of expecting full modular, somehow. Don’t know why.

Riotoro Enigma 850W

Oh. Ok, we get some more marketing on other sides of the box. Universal AC input? That’s a given at 80 Plus Gold, because you need active power factor correction to pass it, and if you’re doing APFC you might as well do universal input as well. Very few designs don’t, because then units become restricted from various markets if they only run at 200-240VAC or so. Like, say, North America.

I also see some dimensions and a load table here. We’ll get into that later.

Riotoro Enigma 850W

Elsewhere on the box, we get some connector diagrams. All looks good here, especially the fact that the only Berg appears to be on an adapter.

Riotoro Enigma 850W

Let’s unpack now. I’m liking the packing on this unit so far… lots of nice, lovely foam.

Riotoro Enigma 850W

Inside the box, we find a user guide, modular cables, power supply, power cord, and a bag with some screws and zip ties. Everything I’d expect from a unit like this.

I didn’t scan the manual, but it’s a pretty basic affair lacking a lot of detail. Better than nothing, but more concerned with selling the unit than giving us any real specs. I still don’t know the max temp rating for full power.