Vivo 24k 650W Power Supply

It’s not too often something comes into the lab I’m completely surprised by. Today is an exception. Folks, today’s review unit comes from a brand new company on the scene, Vivo. We’re looking at a 650 watt 80 Plus Gold unit that comes out of a factory we’ve only seen one other unit come from since I started reviewing power supplies. I can’t wait for this one.

PRODUCT: 24k 650W
PROD LINK: Vivo’s current products
PRICE: $72.99 @ Amazon
Price is at time of testing!

Vivo 24k 650W

Good morning, people. Are we ready to look at something new today? In this ever changing world of power supplies, it’s inevitable that new players might want to get into this highly competitive industry. Vivo is one of them. If I might be permitted to wax nostalgic for a moment, I remember when a young upstart company named Corsair decided to jump into this industry. A lot of people wondered if they would ever be able to make a dent. But in partnering with Seasonic for those initial units, they did more than just make a dent, they’ve become an industry leader.

So it is possible to start small and then become a name to be reckoned with. We’re here to find out if Vivo is one of those names we’ll have to watch out for. They’ve sent me their 24k 650 watt unit, and I’m ready to give it a chance.

Vivo 24k 650W

I like the packaging for this unit. It’s low key and not too pushy. We see no specifications, but there are some marketing points to mention. 80 Plus Gold is always good, and I see from the Ecova site that Vivo has actually gone in to pay for their own certification. High reliability design? We’ll have to see about that later, but 40 degree ratings are also good. At this particular end of the consumer power supply market, 40 degrees or better can be expected. DC to DC design? More good news. No old designs from yesteryear in this box.

Single 12V? Well, we can let Vivo slide on that one. Tackling the “single 12V is better” myth is best left to a company with far bigger market presence. But I’ll say it again… multiple 12V done right is not a bad thing.

Vivo 24k 650W

On this side of the box, we find connector and cable info. I see we’re going to have to deal with 3.5″ Berg connectors again, and I will be scoring accordingly.

Now, since there’s not much on the box, let’s unpack.

Vivo 24k 650W

We have two velvet bags, one with a power supply inside, one with cables inside. We also have a power cord, some screws, and a user guide I forgot to put in the shot.

The unit does seem light on accessories, but remember this company is just starting out. That said, it can’t cost much to add some zip ties, can it?

Vivo 24k 650W

The user guide is competent and fully English. It’s also straight off the office inkjet, which somewhat lessens the perception of quality. This company is definitely new on the scene. It does get the job done, though, and has enough relevant info that I won’t worry about what’s not there. No scoring deduction for documentation later.