Rosewill Tokamak 1500W Power Supply

We’re starting off the new year right… with something big, powerful, and really efficient. Rosewill has come to us bearing a massive beast of a unit weighing in at 1500 watts with 80 Plus Titanium certification. There are only three competing units on the market, and that competition is fierce. Let’s see if Rosewill has what it takes to get our money away from us.

PRODUCT: Tokamak 1500W
PROD LINK: Rosewill’s current offerings.
PRICE: $359.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Last year, we got things started with 80 Plus Titanium, didn’t we? I for one see no need to break with tradition today, so let’s run another Titanium unit, the Rosewill Tokamak 1500 watt model. It seems that Rosewill took one look at the Corsair AX1500i and EVGA T2 1600 watt units and decided they’d like a little slice of that action, too.

And you might think that Titanium units in this size must be getting easier to make, if Rosewill can now put one out. You’d be mistaken. That EVGA unit came out two years ago, and Corsair had theirs on the market three years ago. Since then, I can’t think of too many other companies that have been able to crank out Titanium at this power level, even as only a proof of concept thing. The fact remains that Titanium is still a hard and expensive target to hit in general, and I expect we’ll only find proof of this as the review goes on. Indeed, this unit is posted for quite a hefty sum at NewEgg right now. It’s not as expensive as the competition, because Rosewill is their house brand, but make no mistake… Titanium at this power level WILL cost you money.

It’s whether or not that money will be well spent we want to know today. There are only three units that compete with it, and I’ve reviewed two of them and found them to be insanely good at their jobs. Rosewill has a lot on their plate today.

But you’d never know it by looking at the marketing on this box. Rosewill’s as understated as ever, here. Despite naming this beast after a magnetic storage device for plasma expected to help us tame nuclear fusion, we just have a simple list of features, a few specifications (with typoes no less), a short-ish five year warranty, and an “oh, by the way it’s a Titanium” graphic.

That’s not to say they haven’t apparently made some attempt to bring to the table some features other units don’t have. I see mention of an LED indicator that warns at 90% load. But really, from the looks of things so far it seems Rosewill’s going for the stripped down angle on this one just to be the cheapest Titanium at this power level. Maybe that’s a good idea, maybe not. Remember, the biggest competition for units like this are Gold units that undercut these Titanium prices by a landslide. I’m talking a good hundred bucks.

Unpacking things, we find not a lot of extra goodies. I have a C19 power cord, user guide, power supply, and a bag.

However, despite the manual being rather tiny, it’s actually pretty good. It’s English only, so there are no alternate language sections to pad it out. Here, we find out that the Tokamak line also includes a 1200W unit.

Opening up the bag, we find our modular cables and a little bag of accessories.

Which… contains some screws and cable ties. I must say, this seems rather stingy considering the elaborate packaging and high end price tag of the unit. I might be scoring on lack of goodies this time out. Or not. I mean, what are we really missing? Maybe some zip ties and a case sticker? I’ll think about that some more.