Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750W Gold Power Supply

T’was the week before Christmas and all through the land,
Thermaltake came to us… PSU in hand.
An 80 Plus Gold unit, at 750 watts,
RGB fanned, you see, it promises lots.
Come inside, folks, and grab you a drink.
I’m going to test this thing, you’ll know what I think.

SUPPLIED BY: Thermaltake
PRODUCT: Toughpower Grand RGB 750W Gold
PROD LINK: Toughpower Grand Product Page
PRICE: $99.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Thermaltake sure has been all up in our grilles lately, haven’t they? We’re looking at another new offering from them in the Toughpower Grand RGB 750 watt model. No longer do you need to go with one of the DPS models to get that blingety bling color changing fan… now, you can pimp things up in multicolored form without spending a lot.

But is this new line of units any good? I don’t know. What do I look like, a power supply reviewer? Oh, wait… that mirror over there says I do. I guess I’d better get this rolling, then.

Features! A power supply has to have those, and the box is glad to tell you all about them. Here, we find out the unit is 80 Plus Gold for efficiency, it can be made semi-fanless, it supposedly has low ripple and noise, and it has 2% or less voltage regulation. I also see talk of Japanese capacitors, full modularity, and a color changing fan.

Seems to me we already saw hints of that last one there on the front panel, but it’s good to be reminded, I guess.

And then reminded again, apparently. Hmm… looks like you can set the fan to cycle colors or switch between four solid colors. This isn’t like the DPS models, where you can select any color you want in the software.

Hooray for more marketing! Here, we learn that Thermaltake is rating the unit as being good for full power at fifty degrees, which is always something I like to see. We want that from units purporting to be “grand,” because that’s what the top end competition will be.

Thermaltake looks to have done a good job packing this unit, so how about we unpack?

So far, we have a bag of goodies, a bag of manuals, and a power supply in a blanket. The manuals are much like the others we’ve seen from this company lately – decent enough to skate by in scoring, but could always be better.

Inside the goody bag, we have some modular cables, a power cord, some zip ties, and some screws.

Hallelujah! The only Berg is on its own adapter. I’ll just throw it back in the bag so we can ignore it for the whole rest of the review.