Zalman ZM1200-EBT 1200W Power Supply

Let’s take another look at Zalman’s power supplies today. We’ll go with the top unit of the EBT range of units, at 1200 watts. This is an 80 Plus Gold beast of a unit currently only available in Europe, but may cross the pond to our back yard someday. But do we want it here? There’s only one way to find out.

PROD LINK: ZM1200-EBT 1200W Product Page
PRICE: 64,460 Ft @
Price is at time of testing!

This now makes the third time this year I’ve looked at a Zalman unit, to my recollection. The first experience was rather lackluster when the 700W GVM model completely underwhelmed. The second time went a little better when we looked at the 650W EBT model. Now, we’re moving to the big boy of the EBT line, the 1200W model. And I’m nervous. Right now, I just don’t know what to expect from Zalman, and this unit could be decent or not so decent.

Already, there are things on the box not doing a lot to calm my nerves. This is one of the biggest and baddest units from Zalman as of right now, and it’s still only 80 Plus Gold with a five year warranty. At the high end, most companies are now at 7-10 years, though five years is still pretty decent. I do like the 100% Japanese capacitor claim, however. It tells me they’ve put some thought into this thing actually living to the end of its warranty and beyond. See, a warranty is never a bad thing. But it’s not the only thing we need to consider in a power supply. You can take the crappiest gutless wonder I’ve tested, slap a 10 year warranty on the box, and it still won’t improve the innards. It’ll then just be a “guaranteed” piece of crap. No, it’s way more important for me to get inside the unit first and see if it’s actually worth the warranty.

The best power supply is one you never have to send in for RMA in the first place, is it not?

But enough of warranties. Let’s get some marketing out of the way. The whole back panel of the box is marketing repeated over and over in many languages. So, I’m only giving you English. We have all the usual power supply related stuff, here. 80 Plus Gold. Good capacitors. Single 12V rail, not that it necessarily makes anything better. DC to DC conversion for the minor outputs. Takes multiple video cards. Lots of protection features.

I do like the comment about it being good for fifty degrees at full power – Zalman’s doing the right thing there for sure. 1200 watts isn’t much use to you if it can’t take a little heat. 1200 watts adds up to a fair bit of heat. Even at 80 Plus Gold.

Interleaved active power factor correction isn’t something I normally see being bragged about, but there’s nothing too groundbreaking there. Many units are using that now. One of the first times I can remember seeing it was back when I looked at the Antec TPQ 1200W model back in 2009.

There’s more stuff on the box, including pictures of various parts of the unit. Nothing we won’t be seeing again on page five.

We already have a load table, but I’ll hold off on doing one for myself until the next page. We need to be sure the unit’s own load table matches up, first, with no typos. I do hope, however, that we do get that 4A standby rail. It’s not a bad thing to have increased capacity there on these big units, though most rigs will never need more than 2A or so. Someday, we might need the power for things like phone charging.

I’m getting bored by the box already, so we shall unpack.

We have a power supply, some modular cables, some zip ties, a few screws, a Shuko power cord for the European market (the only market you can get one of these), and a user guide. The user guide is decent – the same one that came with the 650W model.