Corsair VENGEANCE 550M Power Supply

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PRICE: €62.90
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Performance (40% of the final score) – It’s time to start converting all that mumbo jumbo into some actual scores. We didn’t see any issues during the standby tests, with 1.04% voltage reg. and above avg. efficiency. Looking at our average voltage regulation on the progressive tests, we came in at 0.61% in the cold test and 0.62% in the hot test, which just misses the “mythic” levels so we’re pulling a half point. On the efficiency side of the scale, we had no problem hitting the Bronze rating. When looking at the temperatures, we stayed below the 40°C rating, What more can you ask for? On the ripple end of the scope, we had another great result with this unit being the 2nd best performer of the four units tested. Unfortunately, the fun stops there. With our new scoring change taking place, the VENGEANCE 550M is getting a half-point deduction for those +12V spikes we seen in the scopes. This leaves us with a score of 9 in performance.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – OK, we’re starting off here with the standard half-point deduction for only being semi-modular. We’ve got an 80+ Bronze unit that provides us with ample connectors/cables for its wattage. Corsair gives us a few goodies in the bag and there’s not really much missing here. I’ve got to go with 9.5 here as well.

Value (20% of the final score) – Looking over at is making my head spin. Our VENGEANCE 550M is coming up at €62.90. There are several options above and below the VENGEANCE 550M, including Corsairs own CX500 for the same money minus 50 watts. You have a few Silverstone ST’s in there as well as an Enermax MaxPro. Keeping in mind the performance we hit, the VENGEANCE 550M offers a pretty good value. I’m going to go with an 8.5 here.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – Although I did comment about how dirty the soldering looked in a few areas, it didn’t affect the performance of the unit, so I see no reason to pull any points there. We’re going with a 10 here.

VENGEANCE 550M – Scoring
Performance 9
Functionality 9.5
Value 8.5
Build Quality 10
Total Score 9.2 Recommended


The Corsair VENGEANCE 550M brought it’s A game to the table. It gave us excellent results across the board. Voltage regulation came in at a 0.62% average in the hot tests. We had a clean pass for 80+ Bronze. It provided excellent ripple suppression. With units showing stellar performance these days, we’re having to adjust our scoring to reflect it. Our recent change to the Overshoot Transient Testing section is an example of that. With the VENGEANCE 550M showing spikes in both +12V scope shots, that was a half point deduction. Not that it’s going to hurt the performance of this unit any, but we would like to see companies pushing to improve this area as well.


  • Almost “mythic” voltage regulation.
  • Great ripple suppression.
  • 80+ Bronze rated.
  • Build quality.
  • Semi-Modular design.

The BAD:

  • Nothing to see here.


  • Pretty good value.
  • Rise time spikes on the +12V.

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