Seasonic PRIME 650 Titanium Power Supply

It’s hard to believe that, after waiting so long for the Seasonic PRIME units, we are now finally looking at the baby in the family, the 650 watt model. And yet, here we are. Until Seasonic comes up with some more PRIME goodness, we’ve now seen all the models there are to see but the fanless one which is not out yet. Let’s find out how this one stacks up against its big brothers.

PRODUCT: PRIME 650 Titanium
PROD LINK: PRIME Titanium Product Page
PRICE: $159.99 MSRP
Price is at time of testing!

It certainly has been a treat looking at these PRIME units, has it not? I’ve noticed a trend since I started examining this line of units – with each outing, they somehow got better and better. The 750W model was pretty amazing already when it came to performance, and the 850W model regulated so well that I thought there was no way they could get any better. Today, we close out the range of PRIME units with the baby of the family, the 650W. Will, it beat the 850? I’m thinking the odds are against it there.

But… if this line has taught me anything, it’s that I should never count out Seasonic when it comes to topping themselves. Let’s waste not a second of time and get this review rolling.

Of course, being one of the PRIME units means this unit has Prime marketing. We’ve seen all this stuff twice before, so I’m not going to dwell on this shot. Seasonic did so much right on the last two models that they both got perfect total scores, and I expect no less for this puppy.

However… I have to warn you about something. As of today, I am now scoring the overshoot transient test performance. This unit could lose points there if it matches its siblings. The larger models weren’t really out of spec, but they could have improved on those tests, and I think it’s high time I made it harder for companies like Super Flower and Seasonic to get those coveted perfect total scores. What do you think? I’ll get more into my scoring method for those tests when we get to that page.

A 650W unit gets 650W specs. No surprises here.

Unpacking time. The boxes for all three units are exactly the same, packed equally well. Seasonic’s always done a good job here with their high-end units.

Inside the box, we have a bunch of modular cables, a power supply in a bag, a power cord, and a bag o’ goodies.

Within said bag, we find a user guide, installation guide, two stickers, some zip ties, some screws, and some velcro cable ties. Lots of extra stuff.

Here’s the quick install guide, just in case you forgot how to install a power supply.

And the user guide. Still packing a lot of marketing in a place where I reckon marketing is mostly useless, Seasonic’s user guides are generally pretty good and nothing to pull points over for me.