Cougar Panzer Max Case and Immersa 300H Headset

PRODUCT: Panzer Max Case
PROD LINK: Panzer Max Product Page
PRICE: $149.95 @ Altex
Price is at time of testing!

All three of the included fans bear the same CF-U12HB part numbers – basically a variation on their HDB fans. I have no idea how good these are, but I do have one of their Vortex fans with a similar part number on the CPU cooler of the rig that’s going in here, and it’s held up rather well. As you can see here, the vertical airflow guide takes a sliver off the edge of these fans to get the air moving behind the mainboard tray. The power supply air guide takes another slice off the bottom fan for power supply cooling.

As with the PSU guide, this one is removable if you so desire:

Remove the screw from the bottom of the guide, and it drops down and out.

Let’s mess around with my dead Samsung 840 Evo so you can see how the 2.5″ removable bays work. They’re a lot like the ones Corsair uses in some of their cases, only less intuitive. Corsair’s just clip right in. These, you have to take out the thumbscrew first, slide them slightly toward the back of the case, and then they come out. The fit is rather loose, so you need that thumbscrew there to hold them in.

That said, they do work well enough. As I said, they angle the drives outwards to allow air movement from the fans. Good thing too, otherwise that thumbscrew wouldn’t fit with power and data cables connected. As it is, you cannot use right angled SATA data cables with these – they just don’t fit. I have lots of cables with straight connectors on them, so I’ll just use those.

Next up, I’ll mount my dead Seagate 3TB drive. These bays are pretty easy to deal with – drives just clip right in there. You can remove these if you wish, but I need them so I’ll leave them. They will also take 2.5″ drives – they have mounting holes so you can screw them in.

The power supply area from the inside. You have no real restrictions on length unless you plan on installing a bottom panel fan. Note that some power supplies use the housing as a heatsink – the air guide I took out of here fits snug against the top panel of the power supply and could impede its cooling ability.

Me? I’ll be installing a Seasonic Prime 750 in here that will spend most of its life halfway loaded at best. Not worried about cooling it, because its fan will be on all the time. I’ll be using the air guide.

The top of the case from the inside. Again, that fan is the same as the front two fans.

The fan controller connections. One SATA for power, three 3 pin fan headers. That’s Band-Aid #2, by the way. You don’t want to see #1.

Of course, no decent case with USB ports is lacking the means to connect them.

And finally the control panel headers. Once again, they’ve omitted a means to tell you which wires on the hard drive indicators are positive, and I hate that. Now you have to guess, and nobody wants to guess wrong and then have to get back in there and fix it. Yes, there are two wire sets coming out of that connector – the hard drive indicator uses more than one LED. No worries – they don’t take enough power to worry about burning out the mainboard header.

I need a break from all this case stuff for a while. Let’s look at the headphones and then I’ll move my office rig into this thing.