Corsair VENGEANCE 400 Power Supply

Here in the last few months, Wolf has looked at a few of the units in Corsair’s VENGEANCE line. Today, we’re going to be looking at the first of 2 units that I have in my pile from that same line, the Corsair VENGEANCE 400W. OklahomaWolf previously looked at the 650M and the 500W versions with both bringing in perfect scores when it came to the performance side. Are we going to have a three-peat? Did Corsair produce a line of budget-minded PSU’s that are all capable of that mythical performance that Wolf was talking about? We’re just going to have to crack open the box and dig in.

PRICE: €52.90
Price is at the time of testing!

The VENGEANCE line is geared toward the European budget market. We’ve already seen Wolf run the VENGEANCE 650M (reviewed in Jun) and the VENGEANCE 500 (reviewed in Sep) through the wringer. Both producing rather good results for being budget minded units.

Our sample today, the VENGEANCE 400 comes with an 80+ Bronze rating, multiple +12V rails, Japanese 105°C rated capacitors and carries with it a five-year Corsair Guarantee. Yup, that’s right, not everyone is on the “a single +12V rail is better than multiple +12V rails” bandwagon. Is having a multi-rail unit going to make a difference at this low of a wattage level? I guess that needs to be a discussion for another time.

Corsair is nice enough to include a graph showing us the expected efficiency performance of the VENGEANCE 400. By looking at the graph for the 115V input, we can see they show this unit should produce a maximum of 87% efficiency at only 50% load. We also have a graph showing the noise level one should expect. Unfortunately, with the load testers we use, there’s just no way to test for audible noise. We also find the input/output specifications for the unit, which we’ll look at a little closer in the next section.

Yup, we’ve got more of the same on the sides of the box, but we’re used to all this marketing stuff, aren’t we?

Here we go, we’ve found some useful info. Seriously though, all this marketing stuff comes in handy when you’re standing in a “brick and mortar” store trying to decide what unit to purchase. Here we are shown the connector types and their length from the PSU casing to the connector itself.

With these units being focused for the EU market, generally, they would be utilizing the 230V input. With us doing our testing here at 115V, we’ll be shooting for 82%, 85%, and 82% efficiency @ 20%, 50%, and 100% loads. What difference does it make? Electronics generally run more efficient on the 230V input, which means it should hit the Bronze rating a little easier on the 230V input.

Finally, we’re getting to the good parts. OK, we have the Corsair VENGEANCE 400W Power Supply, the Shuko power cord, a safety guide, a warranty guide, and a bag of zip ties and screws. The user manual can be found online at Corsairs VENGEANCE 400 page in the downloads section.