Seasonic PRIME 850 Titanium Power Supply

A lot of people were impatient with Seasonic back when the PRIME series of units were announced. They wondered when these units were ever going to hit the market, and why they were so content with EVGA and Super Flower getting the jump on them in the marketplace. When I reviewed the 750W model, it became apparent that Seasonic just wanted to make sure they got the job done right. Now, I have the 850W model on the load testers. Let’s see if it measures up to some really lofty expectations.

PRODUCT: PRIME 850 Titanium
PROD LINK: PRIME Titanium Product Page
PRICE: $199.99 @ Newegg
Price is at the time of testing!

You’ve seen me say it before – one good product in a line doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of them are any good. You’d think that wouldn’t apply to some of the best manufacturers on the market, and yet every time I look at an Enhance built unit I am reminded of this. Seasonic has worked hard to make themselves into a market leader by intentionally avoiding making any rushed, half baked units. As a result, this here PRIME line came into the market rather late. The Super Flower Leadex Titanium and EVGA T2 lines got here first, and they have been enjoying that little fact ever since.

But when we took a look at the new PRIME 750W, we found out that Seasonic could still play ball with the best of them. Now, we have real competition for Super Flower. Or… so it seems. We need to find out if the rest of the PRIME line competes, don’t we? That’s what I plan to do today. We’re going to check out the 850W model today, and the 650W model a bit later down the road.

Of course, we start out with the same type of box the 750W model had, boasting about a ten-year warranty and that lovely Titanium certification logo.

Titanium, right now, is still very much a niche product. Units like these are the Ferraris of the power supply world, or at least they’re supposed to be. Someone might want to tell Silverstone that. Here’s the thing… you don’t need this level of efficiency. It costs a lot more money than Gold and Platinum for a rather little benefit. You can’t justify the reduced cost of running them, because you’d never see the difference back in your wallet in the power supply’s lifetime. Do you want to know what I heard from a little birdie last week? Newegg sells about 500 of these a month. A month. Not just PRIMEs, all Titanium models from all brands. If that sounds like a lot to you, you probably live in a small town. That’s nothing to New York City.

But we do still need these power supply supercars. We need to have them to see what the industry can do, and where it can go. Otherwise, things get stagnant and bland and boring. Remember the days before 80 Plus? I do. We stop getting units like this, we start going back to that.

But enough about that. We have a box to discuss. As you might expect, this one says the unit is the same as the 750W model, just more powerful. FDB fan, super tight voltage regulation, fully modular… it’s all the same.

We also have some specifications, again not a lot different from the 750W. The 12V rail gets more power, and we have more connectors, but that’s about the extent of it.

It’s time to get this beast unpacked.

So far, nothing surprising. I have two bags of modular cables, a power supply in a blanket, a power cord, and a plastic bag of goodies.

The goody bag contains a quick start guide, a user guide, some zip ties, some velcro ties, two case stickers, and some screws. I can’t fault anything here.