Raidmax RX-735AP Power Supply

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The cooling is handled by a Power Year PY-1325H12S fan (12V, 0.28A, 1800RPM, brushless). It does have the blue LED going for it :).

With the RX-735AP topless, we have our first glance at inner makings.

Looking at the solder side of the PCB, overall it looks pretty decent. Although the two wires connecting the PCB to the AC receptacle and switch did look like they had previously been removed. I see one spot up there toward the upper left that might have had some work done.



Here we have look around the unit at the ground level.


There’s not a whole lot to the modular interface board.

At the back of the AC receptacle, we have the start of the line filtering with a single X capacitor.

Toward the left front corner of the main PCB, we find the rest of the line filtering, which includes a MOV, two chokes, another X capacitor, and two Y capacitors.


Just to the left of that second choke is the bridge rectifier, GBU1006.


Next up we have the primary heatsink and its components. Left to right we have a pair of MDF13N50B MOSFETs and a PJA1520 B7 diode for the APFC.


At the end of the primary heatsink, we find the TEAPO LH Series, a 420V330µF capacitor that is rated at only 85°C.


On the second smaller heatsink we find the main switchers, which are a pair of MDF18N50 MOSFETs.


Over on the secondary heatsink from left to right, we have a pair of 5RX43 MOSFETs, a 5RK56 MOSFET, and a 5SF67 MOSFET.

Note: I seemed to have made an error in while failing to properly identify these components on the secondary heatsink.

Over on the secondary heatsink, we have a group of Schottky barrier rectifiers. On the left are 2 MBR3045CT, then we have an MBR30100CT, and an MBR20100CT.


On the rear of the secondary heatsink, we have a 5SF04 MOSFET, and a 5SX60 MOSFET.

On the rear of the secondary heatsink, we have another pair of Schottky barrier rectifiers, MBR20100CT on the left, and an MBR30100CT.

The secondary side is populated with several JunFu WG series 105°C rated capacitors.


Down in front of the secondary heatsink, we have an ST9S313A-DAG supervisor IC. Located on the backside of the main PCB is the CM6805BG PFC/PWM combo controller.