Corsair SF450 450W Power Supply

In the not too distant past, Corsair came to us with the first of a new line of SFX size units meant to raise the game of that small form factor to a whole other level. And the unit we looked out was suitably impressive. But that unit also has a little brother that goes by the name SF450. Shall we see if it lives up to the same expectations?

PROD LINK: SF450 Product Page
PRICE: $89.99 @ NewEgg
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I see by the clock on my phone that it’s time to review yet another power supply at this here power supply review site. Today, I think we’ll have a good look at another one of Corsair’s attempts to go after SilverStone where they’ve been most successful lately – the SF450. Corsair has clearly decided that the market has gone on long enough without a serious foray into the SFX form factor and that SilverStone can’t be the only one having all the fun.

Like the larger unit in the series, the SF600 we’ve already seen, this model comes up with a 7-year warranty and 80 Plus Gold efficiency. But, as you may remember, the SF600 actually managed Platinum. I wonder if this one will repeat that feat. We’ll find out soon enough.

Meantime, here’s some box marketing. It’s the same marketing we already saw with big brother. High performance, premium components, low noise. All things we like to see in our power supplies. Like the larger model, it is also fully modular.

Cables? This unit has some, and they look to be identical to the larger unit with respect to connector count. I’ll have a closer look at those on the next page.

And the marketing goes on as we spin the box around. Once again, we do have a semi-fanless mode on this unit. I have no problem with that, as long as said fan controller is a little better behaved than the one we saw in the SX700 not too long ago.

Promises, promises. Japanese capacitors, too, apparently. The 600W unit did have the good stuff in it, so we’ll make sure this one does too before too long.

It’s time to open the box and unpack the unit. What say you?

We have a power supply… in a velvet bag. We have some modular cables… in another velvet bag. We have a novel for a user guide, which is fantastic. A warranty guide. A bag of goodies. A power cord.

The accessories bag includes a case sticker, some zip ties, and some screws. That’ll do. I don’t see an adaptor plate like SilverStone often throws in for ATX mounting, but I’m really not sure that’s a deal breaker.