Seasonic PRIME 750 Titanium Power Supply

At long last, we have a new power supply from Seasonic to take a look at. It is one of their brand new flagship series of units bearing the “PRIME” moniker. Boasting things like super stable voltage stability, a 10-year warranty, and ultra-low ripple; the marketing department at Seasonic has been writing an awful lot of checks about these units. Let’s see if the unit can cash them.

PRODUCT: PRIME 750 Titanium
PROD LINK: PRIME Titanium Product Page
PRICE: $179.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

So, it looks like the draught is over – Seasonic has come to us today with the first new unit in a while, the PRIME 750W. And with it, we now finally have some Titanium goodness from one of the current most popular power supply brands out there.

Already, the box is making promises, as devoid of marketing as it is. We have the 80 Plus Titanium branding, of course, but we also have a 10-year warranty. Takes a pretty confident company to offer a warranty that long… a warranty that length with less than stellar build quality just wouldn’t be Optimus… er, I mean optimal.

Flipping the box around, we find the real marketing and some pretty major promises. Straight away, they’re going after my mythic level scoring, promising under 0.5% load regulation. We’ll see if they can do that later. Fluid dynamic bearing fan? Yes, please. Super low ripple? Also, yes, please.

Extended hold-up time? Can’t really test for that with the gear I have now, so we’ll have to let that one go.

Fully modular? Yay!

Further exploring the box, we find some specs including a load table. Nothing out of the ordinary here… this looks like I expect a high-end unit to look.

Opening the box, we find that Seasonic has gone all fancy like with their accessories, enclosing them in a re-sealable plastic bag. Let’s do some unpacking.

We have the aforementioned bag, some modular cables, a nice 16 gauge power cord, and a power supply in a blankie.

Digging into the accessories, we find some PRIME branded velcro cable ties, some zip ties, an owner’s guide, a case sticker, another case sticker, some screws, a user guide, and a quick start guide.