SilverStone SX700-LPT 700W Power Supply

I’m coming at you with another SilverStone unit today. It’s another one of their efforts to improve power density with decent quality in the SX700-LPT, a wee little 700 watter that promises lots of performance and Platinum efficiency from an SFX-L size box. I can’t wait to see how it fares on the load tester.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PROD LINK: SX700-LPT Product Page
PRICE: $169.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Well, folks, the Olympics have started and Canada already has one gold and one bronze medal. The bronze came in the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay. I, of course, took the gold when I swept the men’s sedentary sunburn event by sitting shirtless in one place as I re-wired the transmission range sensor harness of my new to me 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Whaddaya mean, that’s not a real Olympic event? I had three squirrels, a leprechaun, and a wood sprite tell me it was. Who am I supposed to believe, here? No, I will not reduce my painkiller dosage. I got that prescription right from the wood sprite, Dr. Everythinggonnabealright, so he has to be the one to tell me stuff like that.

Moving off that topic, SilverStone has once again come to the lab looking for a Platinum medal by throwing us their latest effort in making big power supplies come in small packages. Today, we’re looking at the SX700-LPT, an SFX-L form factor unit that promises big things from little boxes. And SilverStone has done pretty well at times in this quest. But, as we have seen lately, they’ve also put out some not so memorable products as well. And now they have Corsair breathing down their necks thanks to units like the mind-blowing SF600. Is this unit going to be as “pioneering, ” “class-leading,” and “high quality” as SilverStone wants it to be? That’s why we’re here.

Rather, that’s why you’re here. I’m here because I can’t get out of this chair without feeling like someone poured alcohol on my back and lit a match. I needed something to do.

Like all boxes, SilverStone’s pretty little turquoise box has a bit of marketing on it. It’s nothing we haven’t seen from them before and is repeated in many languages, so I’ll gloss over it and just move on. Looks like we’ve got the ribbon cabling again on this fully modular unit. There’s also a semi-fanless mode, it seems, which always makes me a mite nervous on units this small. It’s just harder to design a semi-fanless controller for units like this one, which can often be found crammed into less than ideally ventilated spaces.

Opening the box, we find SilverStone’s usual two manual approach to documentation. No faults to be found there – everything you could possibly need to know is found in them. SilverStone rules at documentation.

Let’s see… aside from the user guides, we have some modular cables, some screws, and a power supply wearing a crossing guard sash. Said sash says this specific SilverStone stays fanless frequently and isn’t necessarily broke if the fan’s not running.

Let’s already take our first look at it. Tiny little thing, it is, but as always I’m digging the matte black.

Looks like we have those modular connector caps again, too. Nice touch, but not needed.