SilverStone Strider Titanium ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

Not too long ago, we tested a new unit from a range of Titanium models fresh to the market from SilverStone aiming to bring us more power and features in a smaller space than the competition. Right now, there’s still not that much competition, but the unit in question turned into a bit of a mixed bag when it came to performance. Let’s continue looking at the new Strider Titanium line by having a look at the 800 watt model now, and see where the current top dog in the line comes out.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PRODUCT: Strider Titanium ST80F-TI
PROD LINK: ST80F-TI Product Page
PRICE: $169.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day, folks. Not too long ago, we took our first look at SilverStone’s brand new Titanium offerings with the ST60F-TI, a product which, quite frankly, made me wonder if SilverStone wasn’t perhaps concentrating too hard on power density at the expense of performance. Judging by the forum responses after that review, a lot of you were wondering the same thing. Well, it so happens that I have a second unit in the series on deck today, and we are going to see if these units really are consistent in being unremarkable for performance.

And I get it… SilverStone’s never really been about having the best performance. They mainly focus on stuff that’s well built and stays far enough inside the ATX specification to please the average user who knows he doesn’t need ripple in the single digits to overclock his CPU. They then found a way to make a name for themselves by cramming more power into smaller boxes. But here’s the thing – the power density train SilverStone’s been riding for the past couple years? The competition is catching on to that. The Corsair SF600 is proof positive that better performance can be had from the same tiny boxes SilverStone has been giving us.

No, sir, the free ride’s over. SilverStone is about to go back to having to compete better on performance because the power density advantage is going away. But that’s still a future dilemma for SilverStone – right now, I’m looking at an 800W Titanium unit that’s only 150mm deep. I don’t know of any competing units that can match that.

Like most companies, SilverStone understands that boxes sell power supplies. There’s a lot of marketing here, including the “world’s smallest” bragging up at the top. I’ve already addressed the power density thing, so let’s move on.

Low ripple and noise? Do you mean as the 600W unit had? We must have different ideas on how to define “low,” SilverStone. That said, the 600W unit did bring the voltage regulation inside the 3% claims we’re seeing on this box, so it could well be we’ll see that happen again today. That said, 800 watts is a big step up from 600. This unit still has a tough hill to climb there.

The box also tells us in no uncertain terms that we’re getting ribbon modular cables again, as well as sharing how many connectors each one has.

I’m already tired of box pictures. How about we unpack this one?

We have a magnetic air filter, power supply, the usual dual manual treatment, and a smaller box. I bet that smaller box has those Pokemon thingers people have been going on about over the last week. Or modular cables. One of those two options, certainly.

The manuals are excellent because of course, they are. SilverStone is to manuals what Pikachu is to Spiderhorse or Tunablob. Yeah, I don’t know my Pokemons. Sue me. Let’s see what’s really in that smaller box.

Say… when people talk about Pokemon, why do they always say they “gotta catch the mall?” I don’t get it. Is the mall running away? I always understood malls couldn’t move very fast. Where’s the challenge?

Yes indeed, we have some modular cables. Pleased I am to see the Berg on an adapter, not the regular cables. I also see a power cord and a bag containing some cable ties, zip ties, and two sets of screws. Nice amount of accessories, here.

What’s not so nice is that power cord I mentioned. This is an 18 gauge unit. Titanium efficiency or not, this thing is still going to be pulling over 800 watts out of the wall. 18 gauge is really pushing it at this level… I think I’d be much happier if SilverStone went 16 gauge on this. Will I score on that? Maybe. If I think SilverStone’s riding too close to the edge, I certainly will.

But we’ll need the load tests to figure that out. We need to know how much power is going to be moving through this power cord. Could be this unit misses Titanium and overdraws it. Could be it doesn’t overdraw. Could be it’s right on the line, in which case I’ll still score against it.