Corsair Obsidian 900D Super Tower Case

PRODUCT: Obsidian 900D
PROD LINK: Obsidian 900D Product Page
PRICE: $344.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Just for a lark, here’s the third drive cage moved down to the bottom again. There is indeed enough space to keep it here with the PSU installed, though cabling looks to be a problem. I only need two drive cages, so I will remove the third and let the top two front panel fans blow directly at the video card unhindered.

The ATX and CPU cables are installed. Wanna know something trippy? The GROne, a case much smaller than this monster, would not allow me to route the ATX cable behind the mobo tray. Despite having full native support for the motherboard and all its mounting holes, it actually had no cutout up top for the ATX cable and the one for the CPU cable was too far to reach. The EVGA ATX cable was therefore too short to route it behind the mobo tray in the GROne.

This case? No problem. Albeit it only just barely reaches, it still reaches.

Drive mounting time. We have one SSD and two spinney diskey thingers. The SSD will go into a permanent cage while the others get two of the hot swap bays.

Installing the “works when it bloody well feels like it” VIA based USB 3.0 card. As you can see, the front panel connections have been done, though I don’t have the mobo support for the extra two front panel USB 2.0 ports. While the board does have enough headers, I need two USB 2.0 ports on the back panel for other things.

Cabling is pretty well done in this shot. I’m glad the EVGA unit has three SATA chains because I have three different time zones needing those connectors, here. All SATA cables are now in use.

As for the fans? This is about when I discovered the front panel fans don’t have enough wire length to hide them and still reach the motherboard headers. Even this motherboard, whose box was once confused with a UFO when I pitched it into the storage room. Don’t ask who confused it – it was an imaginary friend I’m no longer on speaking terms with. Certainly doesn’t keep him from shutting the hell up, though.

Did someone just ask me if I had enough fan headers for the four fans this case came with? Please. This is a server board. It has four headers for front panel fans alone. That’s in addition to four CPU fan headers and two rear panel fan headers. Yeah, we’re good there.

At last, we have come to the end of our journey. Everything is in and connected. I may reinstate that third drive cage when I get the RAID array drives for this build, but that seems to be taking me a while so I’ll leave it as is for now.

Let me button it up so you can see it all put together and we’ll get some scoring done.

Looking good, Corsair! Wait… just one more. Let’s get that GROne up here for comparison.

You know, I used to think the GROne was a big case. Let me get the Corsair off this table before it collapses, and I’ll meet you on the next page for some scoring.