FSP Hydro G 850W Power Supply

FSP comes before us today with another unit in their new Hydro G series, this time the 850 watt model. We tested the 750 watt version not long ago and found it to be quite a decent unit. Will things turn out the same for big brother?

PRODUCT: Hydro G 850W
PROD LINK: Hydro G Product Page
PRICE: $119.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

It’s that time of the week again – power supply review time. And this week, we’re taking another look at FSP’s brand new Hydro G series at 850 watts. We’ve already seen the 750W model in this line and found it to be quite good indeed. Now, we’ll see if that performance comes across to big brother.

As was the case with the smaller unit, we can already tell that this one has a semi-fanless mode by the 0dB graphic on the box, as well as full modularity, Japanese caps, 5-year warranty, and – naturally – 80 Plus Gold certification.

Most boxes have feature bullet points, and this one is no exception. Nothing we see here is out of the ordinary for us… we’ve come to expect most of this from the units that come to the site. FSP makes much on the box of the server grade build quality with this one, so we’ll have high expectations come page five. Meantime, since we’ve seen all this stuff before recently with the smaller unit, we’ll just move on.

Cables? FSP’s got them. Good thing, too, or we couldn’t plug this thing in. I am dismayed to see this unit also bears cables with attached Berg connectors, but not surprised. The 750W had them, too.

Wait… just one CPU cable? That’s going to be scored on, FSP. At 850W, I expect to see two of them. Especially from server grade units. I’ve got a motherboard in the very rig I’m typing on that requires both cables, because it has two Xeon CPUs, that my EVGA T2 850W is having no trouble powering. With this FSP unit, I’d have to cobangle something. Or MacGyver something. Or jury rig something. Or… something something.

I seem to have the MacGyver theme song in my head. I need a paper clip, some rubber bands, and an egg. I’m going to build a house with them. Ok, I just need the egg. I’m going to threaten to huck it at a contractor until he builds me the house.

Once more, FSP seems to have given us leeway to bring this unit to fifty degrees. Excellent. That’s definitely what we want to see from server grade stuff.

Inside the box, we find much the same ingredients we had with the 750W unit. Some modular cables in two velcro cable ties, a folder with the documentation and stickers in it, some screws, a power cable, and a power supply.

And here are those stickers now, with a recycling info sheet and user guide. Said user guide is the same one we got with the smaller unit. Not so good, printed in gnat size typeface, but better than nothing.