SilverStone Strider Titanium ST60F-TI 600W Power Supply

80 Plus Titanium is starting to become more and more familiar to us as the months go by, isn’t it? We’ve seen a number of flagship models come out now bearing the certification, and they’ve all done rather well for themselves. Personally, I’ve been waiting for the smaller units to show up. 700 watts and up is relatively easy for high-efficiency units because they have a much wider operating range to optimize efficiency for… I want to see Titanium come in below that number. Well, it looks like we’re starting to push that envelope today. Say hello to the Strider Titanium 600W unit. Not only is this the lowest powered Titanium I’ve seen yet, but it continues SilverStone’s efforts on improving power density. To the load tester!

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PRODUCT: Strider Titanium ST60F-TI
PROD LINK: ST60F-TI Product Page
PRICE: $149.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Let’s keep the Titanium party going this week, shall we? Up on the table, I have my first such unit from SilverStone, and we’re going to check it out. It also happens to be the lowest powered Titanium I’ve seen to date.

As we’ve come to expect from this company lately, SilverStone’s still riding the small form factor bandwagon, making an effort to be the company that gives you the most power density possible at any given power level. The ST60F-TI claims right on the box that it’s the world’s smallest 600W Titanium with full modularity, and that could well be the case.

Of course, power density does not a good power supply make. You still need some level of performance to go with it, otherwise, you have yourself an out of spec mess that happens to be really efficient at being a mess. SilverStone’s done a decent job balancing the two lately… while they’ve never placed too much emphasis on competing with the performance leaders, their units have always been good enough to get the job done. We’ll have to see if Titanium changes anything in that regard. And we will. Right after we go through some product shots first.

Marketing abounds on the box of this unit, of course. Hmm… I didn’t realize that German and English were the same language. Looks like SilverStone’s made this unit only 150mm deep, as claimed in the bullet points. I can’t think of anything shallower than that, really. Then again, I don’t think we’ve seen any Titanium units either in the market or imminently forthcoming at this power level, either. Andyson’s N series was supposed to be getting 600W and 500W models, but I don’t think those have made it anywhere near the marketplace yet. When they do, I’ll be shocked if they’re only 150mm deep and fully modular like this one.

The rest of the marketing is the usual stuff we’ve come to know and love about power supplies over the years. All Japanese capacitors, high-temperature rating, single 12V rail, strict 3% regulation with low ripple and noise. We’ll be the judge of those last two points, won’t we? SilverStone’s never concentrated on those two aspects like most of their competition has, choosing to go after the power density thing instead. But increasingly, I find myself wondering why we can’t have both.

Cables. Connectors. This unit has some of those, and they look all ribbon style. That will impact scoring later, but how about we wait and see what they actually look like first before I make with the judging?

Opening up the box, we find that SilverStone has thrown in a free dust filter for this unit. Nice… I can’t think of any other company doing that.

Inside the box, we find a power supply, some modular cables, a power cord, two user guides, the fan filter, and a bag of goodies. SilverStone has nothing to worry about in scoring from either the accessories count or documentation. Nobody puts as much info into their manuals as SilverStone does.

As you can see here, the fan filter attaches magnetically. You’d think it can be permanently mounted to the fan via the screw holes, but you’d be wrong. Those holes are for a 140mm fan, not the 120mm fan this unit has.

Bah. Not a big deal to me. The magnets work well enough.

The accessories bag contains two sets of screws, some velcro cable ties, and some zip ties.