Sama Forza Titanium 800W Power Supply

Once in a while, something arrives on my doorstep completely out of the blue from a manufacturer hardly seen before threatening to completely overturn the power supply world. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s happening today. Folks, I’ve only ever seen one Sama built unit before, and it was rather unimpressive. Today’s FTX-800-2 800W unit, which just so happens to be 80 Plus Titanium, promises to turn my frown upside down. I can’t wait to see what this unit can do.

PRODUCT: Forza Titanium 800W
PROD LINK: Forza Titanium Product Page
PRICE: 4,180,000 VND @ Dong Duong Tech
Price is at the time of testing!

Well, well, well… look what the power supply fairy brought for us today. Something new and different, from a manufacturer we just don’t see that often. Sama’s sent me something from their new flagship range of units to be tested, the FTX-800-2. Also known as the Forza 800W.

Now, I have a few qualms going into this. See, this is the second time I’ve tested something from Sama, and the first time didn’t exactly leave me mightily impressed. It could be, though, that Sama was paying attention, and didn’t want me feeling like all their units were like that. And indeed, it could easily be that Sama has their good and bad designs out there, like a lot of other OEMs. It could also be that they’re trying to make their name mean something now and put themselves on the map. Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out if this is the unit to do just that.

Most of the box is printed in Chinese. Since I do not read Chinese, this page will be light on the comments. That said, even if I did read what this box is trying to tell me, it looks like Sama is a company of few words and not much marketing hype. I like that.

Even so, there are some things we can discern from this shot. She’s 80 Plus Titanium, which already speaks to the level of quality we can expect on the insides. Titanium is hard to achieve and costly to build, at least right now, so my expectations are high. We can also tell from the box that Sama is bragging about fifty degrees tolerance at full power, which is another thing I like to see on something top of the line.

Looks like we have a DC to DC design once again, and that’s to be expected these days. It’s become the de facto “go to” standard default common way to supply the 3.3V and 5V rails these days for high-end designs. I’m still seeing a few traditional indy regulated designs here and there, but for the most part, those have gone by the wayside as manufacturers try to get higher and higher efficiency out of these things.

Since the marketing is already over with, let’s just unpack this thing. Good – lots of nice foam padding for the unit. Sirfa could learn a few things from Sama.

The retail packaging on this unit is a little odd for me. I really wanted to see more goodies. We have extra screws but no manual of any kind. I’m assuming those two paper things in the center front are for product registration and warranty support, but since I don’t read Chinese… yeah. There are, however, velcro cable ties around each of the modular cables. So, we do get some goodies.

The power cord this unit came with is obviously not for the North American market, so I’ll just toss that back in the box and use one of the extras I have lying around.