be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 850W Power Supply

As March of 2016 draws to a close, we have BeQuiet back in the lab once more looking to impress us with the Dark Power Pro 11 850 watt unit. You may recall the 1200 watt version of this unit turning in some impressive results indeed back in November… it will be interesting to see if the rest of the line can be as impressive.

SUPPLIED BY: be quiet!
PRODUCT: Dark Power Pro 11 850W
PROD LINK: Dark Power Pro 11 Product Page
PRICE: $179.90 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Back in November, we looked at a power supply that was dark, powerful, and came with eleven pros. Or something like that. It also told me to be quiet and then proceeded to go on and come out with a nice high score.

Today, we’ll check out the 850 watt little brother to that one and see what it’s like. I’ve come to look forward to the units from this company, as they’re one of few actually trying to stand out in ways other than pure performance. So, this should be a pleasant outing here again today.

Being a lower powered version of the unit we saw before, the marketing is pretty much the same. BeQuiet has a more silence oriented approach than most companies I deal with, and that is definitely reflected by the box. The fan promises to be the same SilentWings model used by the bigger unit, and the fan controller has been beefed up once again to handle several other case fans along with the unit’s own.

Cabling is also more flexible than most units I see, as shown on the box, but we’ll get into that more on page 2.

Meanwhile, let’s get this box open. BeQuiet doesn’t supply the usual modular cable bag that most companies do… in their case, they supply a box within a box instead. That’s it, on the left side of this shot.

After unpacking, we see the same contents we got with the 1200W model, cabling aside. We have the usual modular cables, accessories, the OCK bracket used to bypass the multiple 12V overcurrent protection, a user guide (which is excellent, by the way), a power cord, and the power supply itself.

This is the OCK bracket used to switch that overcurrent protection on and off. If desired, you can plug that jumper on the right directly into the power supply and forgo the switch altogether. Or… do what I plan to do and leave both of them out. Really, multi-rail works perfectly fine most of the time. You only need this OCK nonsense if your unit consistently shuts down on high loads. On a well designed multi-rail unit, this is rarely ever an issue.

As was the case with the 1200W unit, the accessories bag contains some zip ties, some velcro wire ties, two bags of screws (one bad with knurled, both bags containing extras), and several cables for system fans that can handle Molex or 3 pin fan connectors. Gotta love BeQuiet’s determination to go over the top with the goodies.