SilverStone Strider Platinum ST55F-PT 550W Power Supply

Here comes another SilverStone, and once again they’re bringing us power in ever smaller packages. Today, they’ve managed to fit 550 watts at 80 Plus Platinum efficiency into a 140mm deep housing. Will this unit outperform the 750 watt model we recently checked out? I’m looking forward to doing some load testing to find out.

SUPPLIED BY: SilverStone
PRODUCT: Strider Platinum ST55F-PT
PROD LINK: ST55F-PT Product Page
PRICE: $109.99 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Back in January, we discovered that SilverStone was continuing its mission to bring us decent performance in ever smaller packages when we looked at their new Strider Platinum 750W model. Though not a barn burner when it came to performance, I found that it was a decent enough unit. But I also wondered if perhaps the performance would improve at a lower power level.

We’re going to get to the bottom of that little mystery today, folks. I have the 550W little brother of that unit on my desk right now, and we’re going to pound away at it until we know what it’s made of. Figuratively, of course… I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that grabbing units by their power cords and flailing them about in random outdoor locations is something called a “public hazard” that carries “stiff penalties.” The Man is always taking away my fun times.

Once more, much of the marketing of this unit centers around this fully modular unit being not as deep as others and yet somehow not giving up any power to the competition. Last time, we found that SilverStone had employed Sirfa’s factories to help them in this goal, a decision I remain somewhat dubious about to this day. For a while there, Sirfa was doing much better than the old days when it came to performance and build quality, but lately, I haven’t been too impressed at all.

Most power supplies have cables, and this box tells you all about which connectors are attached to them. Having already seen the 750W model, the presence of the two Bergs is not a surprise to me anymore, and I fully expect to find them where I don’t want them: on the Molex chains. But maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see.

Some basic specs are also found on the box, including the forty degrees max power temp rating. SilverStone’s always been very upfront about that number, and I really appreciate that. Not all companies are willing to put that information out there, and SilverStone goes the extra mile.

Inside the box, I found a power supply with a “Miss PSU USA” sash on it… wait, that’s just a warning the fan controller has a fanless mode. Never mind. I also found some modular cables, a power cord, the usual two manuals that leave absolutely nothing out, and some goodies.

Within the bag of goodies, I found two sets of screws, some zip ties, and some cable ties. I can’t complain about that. Thanks to all the SilverStone units over the years, I have enough knurled screws to easily mount power supplies in dozens of computers, and still have the non-knurled ones left over just in case.