Rosewill Capstone G750 750W Power Supply

Let’s take another look at Rosewill’s new Capstone G series of units today. A little while ago, we tested the 1200 watt model and found it to be a competent and yet unremarkable unit for the budget conscious. Today, we’ll find out if the 750 watt model is worth the money. Care to join me?

PRODUCT: Capstone G750
PROD LINK: Rosewill’s current offerings.
PRICE: $99.99 NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Back in November, we had our first look at Rosewill’s new Capstone G series as we inspected the 1200 watt model. It turned out to be a pretty capable unit if a little unremarkable performance wise. Today we’re going for the bottom of that line of units with the 750W version. Rumor has it that this is not even the same platform inside, so it’ll be good to see how it performs against the larger model.

Of course, there’s not much difference here on the box so far. Once again we are at 80 Plus Gold with a five-year warranty. Let’s look at the back of the box.

Hmm… except for the connector counts and load specs, there’s nothing different at all on the back of the box. Again we see lots of protection features boasted about, but if this unit comes from Enhance’s factory-like big brother, we can probably add overtemp protection to that list as well. Enhance does not skimp on protection with most of their units, and I’ll be looking for that extra thermistor they like to use to add that protection level on page five.

Meantime, this is our last box picture before we start unpacking, showing you what we can expect inside. I’m not fond of dwelling on box pictures when we’ve already seen other units in a range of products like this, so let’s move on now.

Again, Rosewill seems to have improved their packaging for their units in this series, and we have foam protecting both top and bottom. Ever since I got that one unit from them with a broken PCB, I’ve been keen to hold their feet to the fire on this. There is such a thing as not using enough shipping protection. But we should be good with this particular unit, and one hopes that Rosewill is now shipping all units with at least this much shock protection.

I’ll just get all that stuff out of the box now.

So far, we have the same manual as the 1200W unit, a power supply, and a bag of stuff. The manual will get scored on again, as it’s still just a basic one barely enough to qualify as such.