Streacom F12C PC Case

PROD LINK: F12C Product Page
PRICE: $275 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Let’s do a laptop drive, now. This one’s dead, but it will suffice. You can mount them the same way as the bigger ones… multiples over two brackets horizontally, or one vertically per bracket. I’ll go vertical on this one.

And we’ll just shove it right back in there in front of the power supply. Just behind the front panel.

Let me just get a nice big video card out of the mining farm and we’ll see how well it fits. I’ll use a Gigabyte HD7950… it’s not tall, but it’s long, and… sigh. Won’t fit unless I take those 3.5″ drives back out. Maybe I can dangle those drives from the top fan rails. I’m not going to wrestle them into the space in front of the power supply.

Let’s get that big King Kong cooler out of there now. It’s cramping my style.

There we go… the video card fits with lots of space. If I were mining with this build, there’d be another 120mm low-speed fan installed where I had those hard drives. The PSU fan would be on at all times, and I’d probably use a top fan, too. Let’s see if we can set the case up for that.

It’s easier to see things with that giant cooler removed, so here’s another angle with the video card in.

Now… the top fan rails. I’m not sure I can make a 140mm fan work along with a hard drive due to screw hole spacing, but I’ll try.

Here’s a 140mm fan now… it fits easily above the video card area. But, it will not hold a hard drive. Let me try a 120mm fan instead.

Success! It can be done!

I won’t be powering up this beast, so let’s just finish things off with some scoring now.