Streacom F12C PC Case

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PRICE: $275 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

On the other side of the case, we find the power button components. There is, in fact, an LED back here… you can use it either as a hard drive activity LED or power LED.

A look at the rear left side of the case, and the expansion slots. To get at those expansion slots, you unscrew a cover first. That would be the two screws just above that area. From there, you can get at the screws for the expansion slots themselves.

There’s a lot of screwing and unscrewing to do with this case. It’s the complete opposite of “tool free.”

Here’s a quick peek at the expansion slot area with the cover off.

Let’s get into those drive and fan brackets, now. They are clipped in at the top, which I’m going to say right now is going to be a nightmare to work with when we use them for drives.

To remove the brackets, unclip them from the top…

Here’s one of the clips now. They have a little lip that grabs the bracket, and that little lip is rather hard to get into position if you have hands the size of mine. And yet, I managed.

Folks, you don’t want to mess with these clips too often, trust me.

Here’s a better look at the top side of the bracket rail, and the three remaining brackets and clips. You see what I mean, right? These clips are fiddly as hell. The drive and mounting system, in this case, is brilliant in its flexibility, but holy hell are these clips a headache.

I haven’t shown you the case bottom yet. Here you go. Nothing special… there’s nothing to do here, really. We have a few ventilation holes and rubber feet.

I’m going to go round up some parts now, and we’ll do some mockups with this case to see how well it holds things.

First, my flaky Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with the two dead PCI-E slots. This is a fairly big motherboard, and the case handles it nicely. There’s not a lot of room to spare, though.

I’m going to pull this one out. We’ll try out the parts from my video card BIOS flashing rig. Hey, when you’re a hardcore GPU crypto miner, you need a means of quickly altering the BIOS on those things. I have a special rig built just for that.