Streacom F12C PC Case

I’ve been reviewing power supplies week in and week out practically all year, so when Streacom asked me if I wanted to take a look at another one of their cases I jumped at the chance. Today, we’re looking at the F12C, a relatively large (for them) case that promises to hold anything you can think to put in it but optical drives. Streacom says this is one of their most flexible cases, able to hold anything from mini ITX boards to full-size ATX boards; and even the longest power supplies on the market. Can it really do all that and still be as flexible as they say? There’s only one way to find out.

PROD LINK: F12C Product Page
PRICE: $275 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day to you on this final Monday of 2015. Has it been a good year for you? It’s been a watermark year for me, and I’m not just saying that because I’m listening to Enya right now. I’ve written up more reviews than ever before, seen the first few 80 Plus Titanium units start to arrive on the market, and gotten just a little bit crazier in the process.

It seems like a good time to change things up and do another case review. This is going to be somewhat short, as I’m writing it up during the busiest week of the year. And I had a plan for this review… I really did. I was going to build a nice HTPC with this here case, and show you how it looks in the rack below my Pioneer home theater receiver, next to the projector screen. Then, my dentist told me I owed him a grand for dental work, and that review plan went right out the window sideways. As it stands now, the dental work is only half done, as it turns out I don’t make much cash.

So, I’m just going to have to wing it today as we take a look at only my second Streacom case ever, the F12C. If it’s anything like the FC8 I looked at way back when we can expect a quality built case indeed. Those Europeans… they really know how to make stuff.

Pulling the cardboard sleeve off the box and opening it up, we find the case well packed in foam. This is actually the most protection I’ve ever seen in a case shipping box, I think.

Let’s get some specs out of the way while I muscle the case out of its protective cocoon.

Specifications – F12C PC Case
Chassis Material Premium Grade (6063) All Aluminum, 4mm Thick Extruded Panels
Available Colors Silver / Black – Sandblast Finish
Motherboard Support Full ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Drive Capacity MAX 24 x 2.5″ or 12 x 3.5″ (with ITX), MIN 2 x 2.5″ + 5 x 3.5″
Front Ports None
Expansion Slot 7 x Full Height Expansion Cards (MAX 310mm)
GPU Support Full Height, 2nd slot or above when using Upper Fan Rails
Cooling Multiple 80, 92, 120 & 140mm Fans (Not Included)
Max CPU Cooler Height 135mm
External Dimensions 440 x 320 x 184mm (W x D x H, Including Feet)
Internal Dimensions 432 x 310 x 168mm (W x D x H)
Power Supply Full ATX, no Length Restrictions(Not Included)
Remote Control FLirc or IRRC Solution (Not Included)
Net Weight 4.4KG

One thing really stands out at me… Streacom claims you can install a pile of hard drives in this case. And yet, it’s not a big case. How is that possible? This must be highly dependent on whatever else is installed with all those drives. Naturally, a mini ITX board and SFX power supply would leave more room for goodies, you’d think.

Inside the box, we find a case in a white blanket, a bag full of hardware, a manual, and a… black piece of rubber with a footprint? What the… is this… is this some kind of weird Holland thing?

“Yes, I wish to have a case with a black rubber mat with footprint with dust from an abandoned school.”

Oh, be quiet. My ancestry is Bavarian, that’s somewhere in Europe, I can mock if I want to. Oh, my… I haven’t felt this awkward since a male German exchange student once told me that I was Hitler’s ideal body type because I’m 6′ 6,” strawberry blonde, and blue-eyed. Seriously, that really happened. It was a bit creepy. Ok… it was a lot creepy.

Streacom isn’t exactly going halfway on anything so far – the manual is very descriptive, high quality, and full color. It has a list of the box contents, with no mention of the weird rubber footprint thing.

Inside the bag of hardware, we find many more bags of hardware; all sorted between each other with precision. That’s rather nice, I think… there’s a little Adrian Monk in me, and he likes this sort of thing.

Hang on a sec, I’m going to take the white sheet off my thrift store photography table. I’m going a little snow blind right now.

Ah, better. Here’s the case itself, and as was the case with the FC8 it’s just fantastic looking. I got the silver model, as you can see, though it is available in black as well.

Those black grilles you see everywhere on the case are magnetically attached for your dust filtering needs. More on those in a bit.


Sorry. Favorite Enya song, and all.

Looking a bit closer at the top panel, we find that the fit and finish isn’t quite perfect. This particular corner is raised a little bit, while the other isn’t. No big deal for me.