Rosewill Capstone G1200 1200W Power Supply

When last we saw Rosewill, they were turning heads with their Quark series of units. I tested one of those units, and it turned out to be rather good. Now, Rosewill’s reinvigorating their Capstone line of units and calling them the Capstone G series. I have the 1200 watt version of these new units right in front of me now, and I’m going to check it out.

PRODUCT: Capstone G1200
PROD LINK: Rosewill’s current offerings
PRICE: $169.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Wow… it’s been a while since we had a Rosewill unit come through here, hasn’t it? The last one was a Quark 1kW unit back in July that came in here with an 80 Plus Platinum certification and walked out again with a recommendation. Based on a platform from Enhance, the unit actually did pretty well for me.

Today’s unit is the latest in the Capstone line from Rosewill. Past units bearing this name came from Super Flower and were quite impressive. But with Super Flower’s head over heels involvement with EVGA, I believe these units have also gone over to Enhance’s factory. We’ll find out if the performance that came from the Super Flower platform has changed today. Certainly, the maximum power output has increased. This is the new top of the line Capstone unit, weighing in at 1200 watts.

Usually, power supplies have features. Power supplies without features are called “paperweights.” This one does have features, but there’s a refreshing lack of marketing hype to go with them. Rosewill’s usually looking at the no-frills crowd when they target a power supply, so there’s never a lot of excess hype on their boxes. I like that.

This one claims to be modular, 80 Plus Gold, well protected, big fanned, and endowed with many connectors. All the things you expect from a decent modern power supply.

Package contents? Just the bare minimum, it looks like. Let’s unpack it now.

I was pleased to see upon opening the box that Rosewill has finally upgraded the foam protection if only a little bit. For a good long while now, whenever I’ve opened a Rosewill box, the power supply has just been sitting there in a thin foam tray with nothing on top. This one has thin foam both on top and the bottom. Improvements here are welcome, especially after I found a Rosewill with the corner of the PCB broken off.

Thus far, I see a power supply, user guide, and a bag of stuff.

Here’s the user guide. As is typical for Rosewill, it’s okay but none too comprehensive. Better than nothing, though.

Inside the bag of stuff, I find some modular cables and a bag of more stuff. Must be the accessories bag. I’ll just empty it here.

Three zip ties, a bag of screws, and a 14 gauge power cord. That’s it? Even for a budget 1200W unit, I can’t help thinking this could have come with more stuff. Maybe a few more zip ties. Maybe some velcro ties, too. At 1200W, the number of cables you’re going to likely be using will overwhelm just three small zip ties. I might be docking part of the accessories point come scoring time.