Corsair RM750x 750W Power Supply

PRODUCT: RM750x 750W
PROD LINK: Corsair’s current offerings
PRICE: $129.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

RM750x 750W – Overshoot Transient Tests
VSB On VSB to 100%, 12V Off to 100%, 12V
O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot

Say, do you know what these power on spike tests remind me of? That’s right, the RM1000x. Seriously, it’s like this unit comes from the same pedigree as that one or something. No issues with rise time, no issues with any spikes. We’re all good here.

Time to crank up the hot box. I’ll leave all the extra hot box fans off this time out, and we’ll see how close we get to that magic fifty degrees number.

RM750x 750W – Hot Load Tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive Load Tests
1 1A 1A 5.2A 75.9W/
120.0V 84.0% 0.966 26°C/
3.29V 5.01V 12.05V
2 1.5A 1.5A 11A 152.3W/
118.1V 88.9% 0.987 29°C/
3.29V 5.00V 12.04V
3 3.5A 3.5A 28A 374.9W/
118.1V 90.4% 0.996 35°C/
3.28V 5.00V 12.00V
4 5A 5A 42A 556.1W/
119.4V 89.6% 0.997 41°C/
3.28V 5.00V 11.96V
5 7A 7A 56A 742.6W/
118.6V 88.1% 0.997 47°C/
3.27V 4.99V 11.92V
Crossload Tests
CL1 18A 18A 0A 153.9W/
119.2V 81.3% 0.988 33°C/
3.27V 5.00V 12.02V
CL2 0A 0A 62.5A 751.2W/
118.9V 88.5% 0.997 45°C/
3.28V 5.00V 11.94V

* Fanless operation.

And there you go… forty-seven degrees, no problems. The fan controller pretty much did the same thing it did cold, waiting for test four to start the fan spinning, so this unit is pretty comfortable with high temperatures.

Once again, not one single problem with the efficiency was detected. It’s another easy pass for Gold, as tests two, three, and five are well over their marks when it comes to their 80 Plus targets.

Let me just run the voltage stability numbers again… 0.6% for the 3.3V rail, 0.4% for the 5V rail, and 1.1% for the 12V rail. That comes out to an average of 0.7%, still better than excellent. Happy I am with this.

Now… since we’ve been looking at unit after unit after unit this year that has shown stupid crazy low ripple, I’ve decided to make some changes to the scope settings for all future reviews. Unless I need to test a gutless wonder or another unit that requires me to open up the resolution, I’m going to set up the Tek screenshots for 50mV either direction. That’s 100mV total, which should be plenty. I’m also setting the resolution to 10mV/div, so I can see ripple weirdness a little easier.

RM750x 750W – Oscilloscope Tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V
1 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
2 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
3 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
4 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
5 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
CL1 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
CL2 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot

Well, there you go. 10mV, 10mV, and 8mV on the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V rails. Once again, this platform comes up being better than excellent.

Shall we head for the next page and take it apart?