be quiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1200W Power Supply

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PRODUCT: Dark Power Pro 11 1200W
PROD LINK: Dark Power Pro 11 Product Page
PRICE: $249.00 @ NewEgg
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That there is an FDB fan, people… no skimping on fan quality here.

FSP is the OEM for this unit. This is not an off the rack FSP design, though… there’s a lot of customizing going on here.

Two Y caps and an X cap make up the start of the line filtering. There’s a capacitor discharge IC hiding in that heatshrink, too.

FSP’s soldering is usually excellent. No surprises here.

Near the 12V output parts, we find a pair of Si8233BD isodrivers.

And the 12V output parts amount to eight 014N04LS parts, heatsinked to the case and via heatsinks on the other side of the board.

I see more line filtering parts. Two X caps, two Y caps, a TVS diode, and two coils (one after the bridges).

A pair of LL25XB60 parts make up the bridges.

The PFC section plays host to two diodes and three STF31N65M5 parts.

On the control daughterboard, we find a CM6901 PWM controller and a TS358CD dual op-amp.

The fan controller is behind the PWM daughterboard. As you can see, it’s a fair bit beefier than a normal unit to handle the extra current demanded by (up to) five fans.

Nippon Chemi-Con makes most of the capacitors I found in here.

Soldering on the modular board also looks good to me.

The minor rail VRM. Nichicon makes some of these capacitors.

The standby section of this unit is off on its own daughterboard right here.

Again, we have a mix of Nichicon and Nippon Chemi-Con caps here.

Finally, we have one of four 26NM60N parts used as the main switchers. I haven’t seen one issue yet inside this unit to score on… so, let’s go do some scoring.