Corsair RM1000x 1000W Power Supply

PRODUCT: RM1000x 1000W
PROD LINK: RM1000x Product Page
PRICE: $169.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – performance on this unit was absolutely fantastic. On the efficiency side of things, this unit actually passed Platinum in the cold tests and almost did it again in the hot tests, so no points will be deducted for that kind of awesomeness. Ripple was crazy stupid low thanks to the in cable capacitors, and well under my requirements for excellent scoring, so no deduction there either. Finally, voltage regulation. At a little better than 1% in the hot box, no deduction will happen there, either. This unit gets a 10.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – everything I can think of has been done right here. Fully modular. Semi-fanless. No ribbons where I hate them, no Berg connectors where I hate them. Plenty of connectors. I do still think Corsair is going a little overboard on the Molexes, but I don’t think I’ll score against it this time because it does still have enough SATA connectors to get the job of a 1kW unit done. I was really a little bit too harsh on the HXi unit for that. Why even the manual is terrific. With nothing to complain about, I’ll have to do another 10.

Value (20% of the final score) – $169.99 is the going rate for these at NewEgg as I type this. It’s actually cheaper than an EVGA G2. Heck, even the RMi version is still cheaper than the G2, which is a little strange to me after all this time of watching EVGA beat the snot out of the competition for value. Yes, there are 1kW Gold units for less money than this. The older RM1000 is ten bucks cheaper, as is the EVGA G1. But hello… mine did Platinum efficiency. Therefore, it’s competing with Platinum units, none of which can touch the price of this here RMx. Except the Antec HCP… that one’s within ten dollars. And the XFX ProSeries… that one’s the same price. And yet… those are both older units that have had some time for their prices to drop. I think I’ll do a 10, just to watch the anti-Corsair crowd lose their minds. It’ll be entertaining.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – flawless, as far as I could see. 10.

RM1000x 1000W – Scoring
Performance 10
Functionality 10
Value 10
Build Quality 10
Total Score 10 Recommended


With the RMX series, Corsair is seeking to get back some of the market shares they’ve lost to some very strong competition in recent years. If they keep this performance up, it shouldn’t be a problem. The RM1000x is the monster under the bed for Corsair’s competitors and is going to be awfully hard to beat. It’s an excellent product in every conceivable way I can think of, and I can’t think of one thing to hold against it. Not one thing. You guys know me… if I can find any problems at all, a perfect total score just doesn’t happen.


  • did Platinum efficiency cold
  • excellent voltage stability on all rails
  • better than excellent ripple suppression, all rails
  • fully modular
  • tons of connectors
  • semi-fanless

The BAD:

  • nothing


  • again, nothing

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