Andyson Platinum R850 850W Power Supply

PRODUCT: R850 850W
PROD LINK: Andyson’s current offerings
PRICE: $149.90 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – naturally, we start off with performance. Which was darn near perfect on this unit. Efficiency? Easy pass for Platinum and within a hair of clearing Titanium, too. Voltage stability? Among the best on the market right now, averaging 0.33% in the hot box. And ripple? What ripple? I barely saw anything more than a flat line. When the 12V rail is doing only about 17mV at the worst, you better believe I’m calling it excellent. No deductions off a perfect score for this bad boy. 10.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – Andyson made a few puzzling and unfortunate decisions for this section. The ATX and CPU cables are too short, so I’ll take half a point for that. I’m also pulling a half point for only including one CPU cable – at 850W, I really do want two of those. Also, half a point goes for being able to plug the CPU cable into a VGA connector. Otherwise, I saw no issues with the rest of the cabling, or even with the rest of the unit. Except, of course, the user guide… it’s just like the 1200W model’s, so another half point will come off for that. 8.

Value (20% of the final score) – MSRP as quoted to me is $149.90. Nobody’s selling it, but at that price, SOMEbody should. Every other Platinum unit able to touch it performance wise is more money, and this thing still has that near Titanium efficiency to brag about. EVGA P2? Ten dollars more, please. Corsair HXi? Ten dollars more, please. Seasonic 860W XP2? Ten dollars more, please. Antec HCP 850W? Fifty dollars more, please. 10.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – not a darn thing wrong with this unit did I find on the insides. Yes, the Zhenhua polymers are a question mark, but they’re polys and there are only two of them. 10.

R850 850W – Scoring
Performance 10
Functionality 8
Value 10
Build Quality 10
Total Score 9.6 Recommended


About nine months ago, a little birdie told me Andyson had some pretty awesome stuff coming down the pipe. I didn’t quite believe him. Well… that is no longer the case. This is three in a row that have been various shades of flat out awesomeness in a metal box, and I really hope this unit finds a place in the market in these parts.


  • darn near cleared Titanium efficiency
  • better than excellent voltage stability
  • better than excellent ripple suppression
  • lots of included goodies
  • low MSRP

The BAD:

  • HAHAHAHA! Is winning the lottery bad, too?


  • some cables too short
  • needs another CPU cable

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