Andyson Platinum R850 850W Power Supply

PRODUCT: R850 850W
PROD LINK: Andyson’s current offerings
PRICE: $149.90 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

In size, this unit is identical to the N700. I’m liking the red, silver, and black color scheme on this puppy.

Our first look at the modular connectors, which look similar but not identical to the 1200W unit.

Full range… does that mean we can fry up some fish, heat some water for tea, and prepare two sides at the same time? No, it does not. It means this unit has active power factor correction and does not need you to tell it what line voltage you’re powering it from. As long as you’re somewhere between 110V and 264V, according to the label, you’ll be fine.

Both sides have stickers like this on them with one side inverted.

A closer look at the modular connectors reveals a problem… the CPU cable can be plugged into the VGA sockets, which are not compatible with that cable. It does take a little force to do it, but not so much that your brain will warn you that something’s not right about it before you try to power it up. So be careful about that.

Yes, that is a scoring issue for me. It should be more obvious to the casual user that those cables aren’t meant to jack into each other’s holes.

I like the wire fan grille on this unit – it doesn’t have one of those big hub covers in the middle like a lot of them do. Andyson tried to bring some style to this one, even if it makes me crave a cheeseburger.

R850 850W – DC Output
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
20A 20A 70A 0.3A 2.5A
Max Power @ 40°C 100W 840W 3.6W 12.5W

Andyson’s rated this unit for forty degrees at full power continuous operation. That’s a decent number. Fifty would be better, especially since this is supposed to be a high-end model, but forty’s not bad.

Time to unpack the cable bag. The power cord was in there, too – a huge 14 gauge unit.

Ah, sweet! Andyson got the message, and tossed the one Berg connector on an adapter! That said, I am a little disappointed they didn’t black out the modular cables. That was one of the things I liked about the 1200W unit, even though I no longer score on aesthetics.

Let’s tackle my main issue with these right now – these cables are too short for a unit this size. The ATX is 480mm long and the CPU cable is just 500mm long. I don’t believe The CPU cable would reach the top of my larger cases from the bottom PSU mount, and the ATX cable itself may be too short as well. Also, this unit only came with one CPU cable/connector… at 850W, I’m really expecting two of them.

The PCI-e cables. Two have single connectors, two have double. Since all can be plugged in at the same time, that’s six 6+2 pin connectors total. On these cables, the lengths should be ok though they could probably do with another 50mm as well.

Every cable but the peripheral cables have built-in capacitors, so be aware of that, all ye cable modders out there.

Finally, the peripheral cables. You get one Molex chain and three SATA chains. Good enough for me.

R850 850W – Cabling
Type of Cable Length from PSU
Modular Cables
20+4 pin ATX connector 480 mm
4+4 pin CPU 500 mm
6+2 pin PCI-e 500 mm
6+2 pin PCI-e 500 mm
6+2 pin PCI-e, 6+2 pin PCI-e 500+150 mm
6+2 pin PCI-e, 6+2 pin PCI-e 500+150 mm
SATA+SATA+SATA 500+150+150 mm
SATA+SATA+SATA 500+150+150 mm
SATA+SATA+SATA 500+150+150 mm
5.25″+5.25″+5.25″ 500+150+150 mm
5.25″ to 3.5″ Adapter 150 mm
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
165 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm

Enough about the cables… let’s get to the load testing.