Andyson Platinum R850 850W Power Supply

A few months ago, Andyson made quite a splash here in my lab when I tested the Platinum R 1200W unit and found it to be all kinds of awesome. Another bombshell arrived in the form of the N700, still the only 80 Plus Titanium unit I’ve had my hands on under 1kW in size. And that unit was awesome too. Let’s find out for sure if Andyson’s really got something going now… I have their Platinum R 850W on the bench and some sky-high expectations. You get the popcorn, I’ll start the load testers.

PRODUCT: R850 850W
PROD LINK: Andyson’s current offerings
PRICE: $149.90 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

Let’s take another look at Andy, son. Andy’s been a good boy lately, getting all As on his report cards and impressing all the teachers. Not too long ago, he impressed us by showing us the brand new Platinum R1200 unit, which immediately went for the throats of the best units currently on the market. As if that weren’t enough, along came that Titanium N700 unit, which brought super high efficiency to the party. So far, that unit has been the only Titanium unit under 1kW to show up here for review.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Andyson Platinum R 850W model. I wasn’t expecting great things from the 1200 watt unit, as Andyson hadn’t really given me a lot to be excited about in the past, but given what we’ve seen from them recently my expectations are now super high.

What’s a power supply without features? A boring metal box, that’s what. All the hallmarks of a current high-end power supply are being boasted about here. Premium capacitors of both the solid and electrolytic persuasion. Platinum efficiency. Protection circuits. Fully modular. All good things.

Like the 1200W model, this unit looks to run the fan continuously though it does have the usual thermal speed control.

Andyson makes much of the wireless design of these units, and they’re not wrong to do so. Wires block airflow, so you really do want to keep them to a minimum when you’re trying to cool a small metal box like this.

Exploring the box further, we find a load table right here. Nothing too surprising. The standby power is a bit on the low side for an 850W unit, but not to the point it will hurt anything. We’ve seen Super Flower designs come up with that same 2.5A of standby capacity, and it certainly hasn’t hurt their sales.

Cables. You want ’em, so this unit’s got ’em. Looks like a decent number of ’em, too. I do have some nits to pick with these cables, but that can wait for page two.

Meantime, let’s crack the box open and start unpacking.

We have a bag of cables, a power supply, a user guide, two bags of screws, a silicone gasket to isolate it from your case, a bag of zip ties, and a bag of velcro cable ties.

The user guide is just ok. It’s about the same thing we saw with the 1200W unit… missing stuff, but a lot is still present.