Corsair RM650i 650W Power Supply

Not too long ago, we looked at an exciting update to the RM series of units that added Corsair Link functionality to the line. Today, I’m looking at the 650 watt variant of the new RMi platform, with high expectations indeed.

PRODUCT: RM650i 650W
PROD LINK: RM650i Product Page
PRICE: $129.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Back in the latter days of August, I looked at the Corsair RM850i, a Corsair Link enabled and super well-performing beast of a unit that brought some really strong competition to the marketplace. Today’s unit is the little brother to that one, the RM650i, and it will be interesting to see if it keeps up with its sibling in taking the fight to the competition.

We’re already starting in with the marketing here on the front of the box, just as we did with the RM850i. 80 Plus Gold. Seven-year warranty. Japanese capacitors, Corsair Link with switchable multi-rail overcurrent protection support. All of these are good things if you’re trying to get your market share back from the EVGA juggernaut these days.

There’s really nothing new about the box of this unit compared to the 850W model. All the features are the same. Only the power levels and dimensions are different with this little guy. Once again, the unit boasts about being ultra-low noise… this is because the unit runs fanless at low loads. Want to disable that? You can manually set a fan speed in Corsair Link… otherwise, it’s not happening.

Speaking of Link, here’s his adventure through Hyrule in more detail. Wait… my brain’s over by the Nintendo again. Get back here, grey matter.

Seriously, though, the lack of a mechanical fan control switch on the unit is a pretty small gripe, if you happen to be griping. Corsair Link is worth installing just for the efficiency monitoring features alone, which we’ve found to be relatively accurate despite the fact that the current sensing on the rails usually leaves something to be desired. I’ll check on that again during this review, as I tend to use the software to get fan speed info, when possible.

DC cable set, eh? Corsair, eh? I had no issues with the cabling on the bigger unit, but we’ll take a look at these later and see if I can find something to whine about.

Unpacking the box, I find a power supply in a cloth bag, a user guide, a warranty guide, some accessories, a power cord, and a bag of modular cables.

The user guide is the same one that came with the RM850i, so I won’t bother getting into that again today. It’s a good manual.

The accessories bag came with a case sticker, a bunch of zip ties, and some screws.