EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 Power Supply

We’re back in the saddle with EVGA again today, this time looking at the G2 550W unit. This has been an amazing series of units thus far at the higher power levels, and I’m looking forward to finding out how consistent the performance is down at the lower powered end of the scale. Let’s check it out now, shall we?

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Another week has started, and with it comes another new power supply review. Not too long ago, we looked at EVGA’s 650W G2 unit¬†and found that thanks to the always excellent Leadex platform therein, it did rather well. But it’s never a bad thing to take a look at multiple units within a line, just to see if things stay consistent.

And that’s what brings us here today with the G2 550W unit. We’re going to see if these units remain strong contenders even all the way down here at the 550 watt level.

Feature wise, this unit is exactly the same as the 650W model, as can be expected. We have the same switchable semi-fanless mode, the same full modularity, the same protections… indeed, even in the specs, there’s not a lot different from the larger model. There’s a little less 12V capacity, and that’s really about all.

So, how about we cut to the chase and start unpacking? Good to see these units are still well protected inside the retail box.

We have a user guide, a power supply, some cable ties, a power cord, a modular cable bag, some modular cables, some screws, and a self-test adapter. EVGA’s still really piling on the accessories with these models, and I like it.

The user guide is the same one that came with the 650W model, so we’ll forgo looking at it this time. It’s just as well done like last time.

A quick look at the accessories before we move on. All I have to complain about here is that those cable ties tend to shed little black specks when you pull them apart, thus dirtying up my white photography bedsheet.