Super Flower LEADEX Titanium 1600W Power Supply

Super Flower’s LEADEX platform has been dominating the market lately thanks to a lucrative partnership with EVGA. But Super Flower also has a retail presence themselves outside of North America. Let’s take a look at the LEADEX Titanium 1600 watt unit and see if it’s as awesome as EVGA’s version, shall we?

SUPPLIED BY: SuperFlower
PRODUCT: LEADEX Titanium 1600W
PROD LINK: LEADEX Titanium Product Page
PRICE: €349.90 @
Price is at the time of testing!

It’s time to load test another monster. We’ve already taken a look at this particular platform in the EVGA T2 1600W unit, but all the same, it’s sometimes good to take another look at things and see if they remain consistent. In the case of this here LEADEX Titanium 1600W from Super Flower, the only real question on my mind is whether or not it contains any traces of that ripple interference issue seen in some of the EVGA units caused by using an incorrect PFC frequency. You may remember that it increased 12V ripple from pure unbelievable awesomeness to merely really, really, excellent. We will answer that question in due time.

For now, with the assumption that the unit inside this box is going to be white, I’ve taken the white sheet off my photography table so you can see it better.

Meantime, let’s look at the packaging of Super Flower’s own version. Like the EVGA version, it boasts all the same features as well as the same fifty degrees maximum temperature for full power. I certainly hope it’s good for that because it’s the middle of summer and the lab is rather warm today. I have trouble keeping the box under fifty on these big units in winter, never mind summer.

The feature list doesn’t stop at the back of the box, no. It continues with this side of the box, where we get a list of the protection circuits; among other things the box already talked about.

Whoops, I guess Super Flower sent me a black one, not a white one. They are available in both colors, it seems. I’ll put the sheet back on my table and open this box up.

The retail box from Super Flower uses a little less protection for the unit than EVGA’s packaging does, but I can’t really say one’s better at protecting the unit than the other. They both use plenty of foam for the actual unit.

The retail package comes with a pile of modular cables, a power supply in a cloth bag, a user guide, a monster power cord, a cable bag, and some screws. Less than you get with an EVGA T2, but still pretty decent.

The user manual is pretty complete – I don’t see myself pulling points for it. Full power temp specs are missing, but the box already told us that so I’ll let it go.

The power cord is straight up over the top massive, just like EVGA’s. It’s 12 gauge, and just as hard to manage as it sounds. Really, this is a Titanium unit… 14 gauge probably would have done the job too. But I’m not complaining.