XFX XTR 650 Power Supply

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As I mentioned earlier, I’ve added a new toy to the collection. This is an Aoyue Int474++ desoldering system. Now I don’t have any excuses, I’ve got to hold up my end.

A Hong Hua HA13525H12F-Z (12V, 0.5A, 2300 RPM, Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan handles the cooling of the XTR 650. The larger size fan coupled with the Hybrid Mode should give the XTR an advantage over the 120 mm FDB 2000RPM fan in the TS 650.

Other than the modular board and fewer wires, this looks identical to the TS 650.



Based on the same Seasonic platform as the TS 650, the XFX XTR 650 looks a little less cramped.

Here we have a shot of the modular interface PCB. We also spot a few Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytic capacitors.

There is a couple of solder joints that don’t look as clean as the rest. One down there on the lower left, and another one in the middle on the far right.


Behind the AC receptacle, we find the start of the line filtering, which includes four Y capacitors, one X capacitor, and one choke.

On the main PCB, we find the rest of the line filtering, two Y capacitors, one X capacitor, two chokes, and a MOV.

Just behind the choke is the bridge rectifier, a GBU10V08.

On the primary side, we find a Rubycon 420v390µF MXG series capacitor rated at 105°C.

On the primary side heatsink, we find a pair of IPP50R250CP MOSFETs and an STTH8S06D boost diode for the APFC.

The main switchers are a pair of IPP50R250CP MOSFETs.

On the first daughterboard, we find an ICE2HS01G resonant mode controller (left) and an ICE3PCS01 PFC Controller (right).

On the next daughter board, we find a PS223 Supervisor IC.

Hidden away on the main PCB, we find the PWM controller, ICE2QR4765.


Located on the third daughterboard, we find the DC-DC converters for the minor rails. We can also see that they have a large plate bolted to the backside of the daughter board acting as a heatsink.

Next to that, we find another heatsink that is used to aid in cooling the +12V components that are found on the solder side of the main PCB.

Here we have the +12V rail, which is rectified by four PSMN2R6-40YS MOSFETs. The TS 650 utilized the same four MOSFETs but also included two SBR10U45 Schottky diodes.

A little further over on the main PCB, we do find one SBR10U45 Schottky diode that rectifies the +5VSB rail.

We find a few Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytic capacitors on the secondary side.

We also have some Rubycon electrolytic capacitors.

Oh wait, there’s one of each lying next to each other. We’re lucky that resistors in the way. We might have ended up with some baby Rubycon-Chemi-Con caps running around.

We also find some Enesol polymer caps tucked in on the secondary side.

Lastly, we have the solder side of the main PCB, which looks good.