Cooler Master G650M Power Supply

It’s been a little while since we have had a look at a Cooler Master PSU. Oklahoma Wolf took a look at their NovaTouch keyboard back in November 2014, but the last PSU we tested was the V2 550 from almost a year ago. Today we are going to give the Cooler Master G650M a shakedown. With this being an 80+ Bronze rated unit, I do expect to see some cost-cutting measures. The main question for me is, will the cuts be too deep? Let’s dig in and see.

SUPPLIED BY: Cooler Master
PROD LINK: G650M Product Page
PRICE: $89.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Box Front

Looking at the packaging on the G650M, we can see that Cooler Master has opted to keep things pretty simple and clean. In my opinion, that is always a plus. We definitely do not need any marketing overload.

The main features are:

  • Modular Cable Design
  • Haswell C6/C7 Zero Load Support
  • 3D Circuit Design for Greater Efficiency

We have a semi-modular power supply that is Haswell C6/C7 ready and has a 3D circuit design, which is supposed to offer better efficiency. I think we will have to let the SM-5500 tell us if we achieved “Greater Efficiency”. The small icons at the bottom tell us that it is 80+ Bronze certified, it uses DC-DC conversion, it has a single +12V rail, and it has a 5-year warranty.

Box Rear

Flipping the box over, we find a few of the features listed in eight different languages.

  • Cooler Master exclusive circuit design.
  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified – up to 89% Efficient.
  • Multiple built-in protection systems: OVP/UVP/OPP/OTP/OCP/SCP

The OEM for this unit is Channel Well Technology, which is a well-known manufacturer in the PSU industry. We will have to see how the build quality looks when we open it up. They state that the G650M can do up to 89% Efficient (that’s obviously 230V testing), which still might be a little challenging for a Bronze rated unit.


On the side of the box, we find most of the specifications for the G650M. The only thing missing here is the operating temperature spec. (0~40ºV) and the warranty (5 years).

AC/DC Information

Below the specifications, we have the AC / DC information for the G650M. So far, everything is looking good for this Bronze rated unit.

Box Contents

Opening up the box on the G650M we can see that Cooler Master is utilizing the cardboard formed shells rather than foam padding. I’ve seen this style of packaging used on many different items over the years and can’t recall a single item getting damaged.

Whats Included

After unpacking the box, we have the CM G650M PSU itself, a bag of modular cables, a power cord, a bag of screws, and the user manual.

User Manual

The user manual is just a large piece of paper folded up several times. Cooler Master has been using this style of user’s manual for years. I really hate having to put on my bifocals to read manuals.

CM G650M

Lastly, we have the CM G650M with its tentacles all sprawled out.