Corsair RM750i 750W Power Supply

Corsair comes to us today with one of their latest offerings in their vast line up of PSU’s, the RM750i. The new RMi series has a few similarities to the older RM line, but it has even more differences. Corsair has bumped the warranty up to 7 years, added all Japanese capacitors rated at 105°C, upgraded from a rifle bearing (RM) to an FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) just to name a few. With the addition of Corsair Link, they’ve expanded it to allow users the access to create custom fan profiles. You can even toggle the +12V rail from single to multiple rails. Let’s get this thing cooking.

PRODUCT: RM750i 750W
PROD LINK: RM750i Product Page
PRICE: $129.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Box Front

Corsair’s changed up the packaging just a little bit. I know most of us don’t look at the packaging much because we purchase our products online. There are still brick & mortar stores out there, so keeping the marketing on the packing is a must. From looking at the front of the box, we can see that we’re getting a fully modular unit that is rated 80+ Gold and offers an outstanding 7-year warranty. It also mentions the Corsair Link digital monitoring and control as well as being able to switch between single and multiple +12V rails.

Box Rear

On the rear of the package, we have a little more information talking about the higher performance, premium components in a few different languages. The rest of what we see is the best part, we see mention of silent operation at low and medium loads. At the bottom, we have the efficiency curve graph, and one for the fan noise level as well. At the lower right, we have the AC & DC specifications.

Box Side 1

Flipping around to one of the sides we find the cable and connector information.

Box Side 2

The over on the other side we have a little more information about Corsair Link.

Box Packing

I still like the way Corsair handles their packaging. The PSU is not only encased in foam padding, but it’s bagged as well. Who am I kidding? They’ve been doing it this way for years. Why change it if it’s been working for them?

Box Contents

Here we have the RM750i still in its housecoat, the bag of modular cables next to it. Up front, we have the universal users manual, the warranty guide, the power cord, and a bag of goodies including screws, cable ties, and a case badge.

User Manual

Here’s a look at the universal users manual. What you have is a book with 140 pages of which you will only care about 7 of them, unless you want to read it again in another language, or you have more than one RMi PSU.