EVGA 430 W1 Power Supply

We continue exploring EVGA’s offerings today with the rather unassuming looking “430W.” With its dirt cheap price and bargain basement features, it’s hard to believe we’ll find awesome performance inside the box. But EVGA has surprised me before… let’s see if they can do it again.

PROD LINK: 430 W1 Product Page
PRICE: $28.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Two weeks ago, we took a look at an EVGA unit sent to this here website by an anonymous benefactor, the G1 1000W model. As this site can’t usually afford to go out and buy review samples, this was very much appreciated. Also appreciated were the three other EVGA retail samples that came with that unit. These are units that don’t show up all that often on review sites, and I for one am very curious to see how all of the EVGA lineup performs.

Today’s unit is the “43 OW.” I presume it’s because someone at EVGA headquarters pinched someone forty-three times before they complained about it. I wonder if charges were pressed. But seriously… this 430W comes about a year after I reviewed the big brother to this unit, the 500W. I seem to recall that unit doing okay in load testing, but not really being anything special. But that was to be expected, as these are strictly low-end budget units.

Have these units remained a solid choice for budget builds though? I guess that’s why we’re here, so let’s get going.

Like most power supplies, the 43 OW has some marketing to deal with. Even on low-end units, you have to sell your products, and EVGA does enjoy making money like the rest of us do. Ultra-quiet fan, single 12V rail, protection circuitry… most of this is pretty standard fare, though one doesn’t usually see overtemp protection at this end of the market. Good on you, EVGA, if it really is in there.

Outstanding three-year warranty? Well, that’s more “normal” than outstanding to me. Outstanding would be five years or more. Three years is expected for decent units. Anything less? Consider something else the company is willing to bet lasts longer than the warranty.

I’m not blowing a bunch of time on the box, so let’s get it unpacked.

There’s not a lot in the box of one of these. A power supply, a power cord, a few screws, and a user guide. Some zip ties would have been appreciated… they’re not too expensive to toss into a budget unit’s box, I think.

The user guide is the same sheet of paper that came with the 500W unit.