XFX TS 650 Power Supply

It has been a while since I’ve pitched in on this side of the site, but I plan on trying to take a bit of the load off of OklahomaWolf. We don’t want to overwork him. So to start things off we have had a few units show up here in the office from XFX. Believe it or not, it has been 1235 days since our last XFX fix here at JonnyGURU.com. I knew it had been a while, but I really didn’t think it had been 3 years, 4 months, and 19 days. The first unit out of the box is the XFX TS 650, so let’s get things rolling.

PROD LINK: TS 650 Product Page
PRICE: $99.99 @ Amazon
Price is at the time of testing!

Box Front

On the front of the box, we have a glimpse of the unique fan grill design on the XFX TS 650. On the upper right we can see the icons indicating that this unit is “HASWELL Intel 4th Gen Core Processor READY”, it has “Japan Caps”, it is “RADEON Crossfire READY”, it is “nVIDIA SLI READY” and it is “80 PLUS Gold” certified.

We see a mention of EasyRail™ Plus Technology (Easy Control, Easy Setup). I’m not sure what there is to “Setup” and “Control” seeing that we’re just talking about a single rail non-modular PSU.

Box Back

Moving around to the rear of the package we find a few key features.

True Wattage Guarantee – The wattage you see isn’t always the wattage you get. – Some brands tweak tests to get great wattage ratings, but in reality, it delivers much lower max wattages. Don’t be fooled by wattage tricks. Other PSUs wattage ratings may be based on unrealistic testing environments like 25°C, but under perform significantly in real settings. XFX PSUs guarantee the advertised wattage, even above standard operating conditions at 50°C.

Efficient Power Use – 80 Plus Gold certified means that this XFX PSU has up to 90% power efficiency at typical load. With XFX PSUs, you get nearly every watt you pay for.

Clean Power – Power drawn from your AC outlet is typically dirty with voltage spikes and fluctuations, which can harm vital PC components. XFX PSUs are designed to deliver tight DC voltage regulation with minimal AC ripple, giving you safer, cleaner power.

Extreme Heat Tested Capacitors – Internal PC operating temperature is around 35°C but the internal PSU temperature can be much higher. XFX uses all high-quality capacitors rated to withstand up to 105°C.

Box Side 1

Over on the side, we find a few more features along with a list of what connectors and how many are included. We also find AC Input and DC Output specs. I did find the copyright section a little funny. “All rights reserved. Standard data rates may apply. Available on select web-enabled camera phones.”

Box Side 2

The other side shows us a little more info about the EasyRail™ Plus Technology. (Easy Setup, Superior Protection.) Personally, I would have rather seen a list of the protections they hint at rather than the fluffed single rail description.

Box Open

Opening the box, we can see that the TS 650 isn’t packed all that tight. I’m not too sure this packaging would hold up to my UPS / Fed Ex drivers. I’ve seen them kill things packed a lot better than this.

Box Contents

Here we can see that the packaged included the PSU (wrapped in bubble wrap), a User Manual, a bag of screws, and a power cable.

User Manual 1

Unlike most, XFX provides you with a manual that is only in English. It also happens to be more informative than most other manuals. It covers the basic carton contents, features & benefits, warning, and safety info.

User Manual 2

It also has a complete specification page for 5 of the TS Series units. You will also find removal and installation instructions as well as troubleshooting tips, notes, and warranty and disclaimers. On the last page, they list the DC power connectors and provide pinout diagrams as well. It’s definitely better than most other User Manuals. It would be nice to see the “5 Year Warranty 5 Star Support” logo on the box or at the least a mention of it.