Corsair CX850M 850W Power Supply

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And the first thing we see upon opening the unit is the same sleeve bearing fan I scored against in the 750W review. I shall do the same this time.

Instead of the Capxon electrolytics that greeted us in the 750W review, we see a mix of Taicon and Nippon Chemi-Con 105 degree parts in this unit. I consider both tier one parts – Taicon is a Nichicon subsidiary and a step above Capxon. So we’ve already got slightly better build quality in this one than the 750W model, even though I still don’t feel the Capxon parts in that one warrant a point deduction.

Two Y capacitors can be found at the AC input.

I am pleased to report that the boardwork on this one is leaps and bounds improved over the 750W model. I counted one extremely minor solder blip on the modular board in this one, whereas the smaller unit had them literally everywhere with paint flakes stuck to the underside of the mainboard. I don’t think I’ll be deducting soldering points this time.

I see more line filtering here. Two more Y caps, a TVS diode, two X caps, and two coils. That’s a Hitachi main filter cap off in the distance there.

Two 6R190E6 parts act as the switchers on this unit, with a CM6800 PWM controller on the daughterboard right behind them.

That’s the PFC diode you see hiding back in there on that heatsink. I’ll show you the PFC parts in a bit.

The minor rail VRM is integrated with the modular connector board on this unit. Filtering is done entirely by polymers: Apaq and Enesol.

The 12V output is provided by six of these SG65N02D parts.

The VRM uses one APW7159 controller and three 72T03GH parts each for the two minor rails.

Finally, here are the two 6R190E6 parts that handle the PFC. I’ll just put this puppy back together and we’ll get some scoring done.