Corsair CS850M 850W Power Supply

Recently, I had a look at a budget power supply from Corsair called the CX750M. Long story short, I came away from that review feeling more than a bit underwhelmed with that unit, positing that perhaps the CS series would make for a more competitive product in today’s world. Folks, I have a CS850M in front of me right now and I have every intention of finding out if it really is the budget unit you should go for.

PROD LINK: CS850M Product Page
PRICE: $119.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Back near the beginning of this month, we had ourselves a look at the Corsair CX750M. A unit aimed at the bargain market, it turned out to be a rather disappointing performer when we ran it through testing. When I concluded that review, my advice was to try for the newer, more competitive CS series of units instead. But, up until that point, the only model I’d seen in that line was the CS550M.

Today, I’m looking at the CS850M. Will it turn out to be a much more attractive option for the budget minded than the CX series currently is? I’m about to find out.

First, a good look at the box marketing. No worries, folks, I’ll have this unit load tested faster than Jeremy Clarkson can do something offensive and we fans can be punished for it, so we’ll find out soon enough how it performs.

Already this is looking promising. 80 Plus Gold instead of Bronze is a big step forward and the specifications given on the box look more than adequate.

Once again, this side of the box shows us where the CS line fits in the grand scheme of Corsair product offerings, as well as detailing some compatibility information. I don’t see the HXi series in there, but that’s likely because the HXi line is the newest thing out there from Corsair and it doesn’t make sense to reprint a bunch of retail boxes and just throw these old ones out.

It’s time to do some unpacking of the box.

Inside the box, I found a power supply, some modular cables, a power cord, some accessories, and the same warranty and safety guides we saw in the box of the CX750M. I won’t bother scanning those this time.

The accessories amount to just some screws and a pile of zip ties, but this is really more than enough for a budget-minded unit like this one.