EVGA SuperNOVA 1050 GS Power Supply

Not long ago, we looked at the first new unit from EVGA’s new silent series of units under the Supernova moniker, the 850 GS. It came, it impressed, and it left me feeling happy. Today, I have the 1050 watt big brother to that unit on the load testers. Let’s see if this platform is still worth the money.

PROD LINK: SuperNOVA 1050 GS Product Specs
PRICE: $179.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Welcome once again to the lands of power supplies, and… more power supplies. Today, we’ll be looking at another of EVGA’s units, the 1050G Silent Series. We’ll call it the 1050 GS for short. This is the 80 Plus Gold big brother to the 850 GS we recently looked at, and because that one was built by Seasonic it’s safe to say my expectations are somewhere past Mars on this unit.

Once more, we find some marketing on the box. I won’t spend a lot of time on this, because we have already seen it all before. In fact, I won’t spend any time on it. Next image, please.

Yes, yes, yes, Mr. Nikon, I know it comes in a box. Let’s unpack it now. The sooner we do that, the quicker we can see how it performs.

Within the cardboard shell, I found a power supply in a blankie, two bags of modular cables, a modular cable bag, a power cord, a user guide, and some accessories.

The user guide is the same fairly competent one that came with the 850 GS, so I’m skipping that particular shot, too.

Once more, our accessories include some knurled screws, some velcro cable ties, and one of those self-test adapters in case you want to fire up the power supply without a motherboard.