Seasonic SS-350TGM TFX 350W Power Supply

PROD LINK: Seasonic’s Current TFX Offerings
PRICE: $69.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – let’s get the scoring done now. This unit was awesome in most of the ways that count. Voltage regulation was better than excellent, so it will lose no points based on that. Efficiency did manage to pull off the pass for Gold in both cold and hot tests, so no deduction there either. Ripple, however? I have to score a full point deduction on the 12V side of things. 75mV is two steps down from excellent, so that’s two half-point deductions. But that’s the extent of things here today. Minor rail ripple was the stuff that dreams are made of, and I saw no other performance related issues on any of the other tests I ran. So, this area gets a 9.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – only a fully modular unit can get by with any chance of no deductions here, and this unit does that right. However, full modularity on this unit is only a small advantage, as Seasonic was forced to combine all the cables into one big mess of a harness. Now, said harness is helped by the fact that it uses a combination of ribbon cables and a sleeved main ATX cable. Without that, you’d have cables tangling everywhere. Even so, I’m going to deduct half a point. Just because the power supply side is so hard to deal with. I also have to deduct half a point for documentation, as that user guide really doesn’t say much about the unit at all. It’s just there to tell you how to install it. Finally… accessories. I mentioned in a recent review that I’m technically supposed to be scoring on stuff like zip ties and case stickers, but have been rather lenient on that because it’s hard to say what should come with certain power supplies. But this one? Our single accessory was the power cord. No zip ties. No stickers. No screws, even. That’s enough of an excuse to kill the whole accessories point. And I think I’m going to be more of a stickler when scoring on that point from now on. Wait… I mustn’t forget to dock half a point for that Berg connector. 7.5.

Value (20% of the final score) – NewEgg has eleven of these TFX units currently, and this model comes in at $67.99 or $69.99 depending on whether or not you want the retail version or just the power supply by itself. Pictures suggest that all you get is the plan gray version of this unit, which is kind of sucky because mine looks fantastic. The nearest competition is an FSP 300W unit for about $15 cheaper, and if you want Gold efficiency you have to go with either FSP or Seasonic. As this is the only 350W Gold TFX model listed, I’m going with a 10 here.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – there was nothing in this unit to complain about here, so I’m doing another 10.

SS-350TGM TFX – Scoring
Performance 9
Functionality 7.5
Value 10
Build Quality 10
Total Score 9.1 Recommended


It’s really hard to get an awesome power supply to fit inside a TFX form factor housing. Space just isn’t there, and that’s why so few power supplies in this form factor have even topped 300 watts. But today, Seasonic managed to get 350 watts into that wee little box, still have it come out performing excellently in most regards, and yet still be able to handle some heat. While I’d like to see the 12V ripple brought a little more under control, the simple fact is this unit doesn’t really need to be any better at present. What we saw here was more than decent performance from a full sized ATX unit, never mind one of these little guys.


  • excellent voltage regulation, all outputs
  • excellent build quality
  • superb minor rail ripple suppression
  • fully modular
  • looks fantastic

The BAD:

  • nothing


  • needs work on 12V ripple… it’s not bad, but could be better

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