Andyson Platinum R 1200W Power Supply

Once in a while, a company you’ve had mixed feelings about in the past comes out with something you’re completely unprepared for. Something that promises amazing performance, able to keep up with the best in the world, for a lower price than the competition. For me, one of those companies was Super Flower. For a while there, they put out some rather unimpressive units, but then they changed and suddenly they’re one of the companies to beat right now. Well, folks, Andyson looks to be on that same path with the Platinum R 1200 watt unit. This is not like anything else I’ve seen from them, so why wait another second? Let’s see if Andyson has what it takes to match wits with Super Flower and Seasonic.

PRODUCT: Platinum R 1200W
PROD LINK: Andyson’s Current Offerings
PRICE: $219.99 MSRP
Price is at the time of testing!

There are a few companies out there who mainly produce power supplies for other companies, but have a very small market presence themselves in some parts of the world. Super Flower is one of them. Andyson is another. We haven’t seen too many of their units come in here since the days of BFG, but we have seen them now and again. Unfortunately, past experiences with their stuff have left a rather lukewarm impression on me. While technologically advanced, their units often had little nagging issues that added up to some headaches on my part. Neither one of my Ultra X4 1200s worked properly. Build quality was often sloppy. Ripple suppression was usually rather so-so.

Well, Andyson’s looking to start changing all that right now. Today we are looking at the Platinum R 1200 watt unit, a monster of a power supply that promises us high efficiency, excellent stability, and all other good things we’ve come to expect from a modern high-end unit. Can they pull it off? We’re about to find out. I’m a little skeptical, but am more than willing to go into this with an open mind. I like it when power supply companies improve themselves.

First, a look at the box. Andyson seems particularly pleased about the clean layout of this unit, and I do have to agree this looks promising already. Certainly, the picture on the box indicates a layout much less busy than other Andyson’s, like the BFG EX1000. One would hope that the ripple suppression is much better than that one, too, but we’ll find that out on page four.

Everything looks pretty much right in line with the feature set you’d find on a unit like this one these days. Thermal fan speed control, polymer capacitors, active PFC… about the only thing that seems to be missing is a semi-fanless mode. That’s not too big a deal, though. I certainly don’t require that for a perfect functionality score. Indeed, just between you, me, the wall, and about a thousand other readers, I never use semi-fanless modes in my builds if I can help it. This is because I don’t want my units heating up their own circuit boards when the fan isn’t running.

Opening up the box, the first things we see are a user guide and some accessories under a clear plastic lid.

So far, I see a power supply, a bag of cables, a silicone gasket, some velcro cable ties, two kinds of zip ties, two sets of screws, and a user guide. Lots of goodies come with this bad boy.

The user guide is… well… better than no user guide at all. Let’s just leave it at that. You get some specs, a list of features, installation and troubleshooting instructions, and a “conector” diagram for when you’re out gathering nectar and need a helper, apparently.

This bag is not a toy. Good advice. But I’m still going to play with it. What am I going to play? Uh… a rousing game of “take the bag off and toss it on the floor until the review’s over.”

This is the silicone gasket we saw a few pictures ago. You put this on the end of the power supply before mounting it, and it supposedly helps get rid of fan noise being transmitted through the case. Not sure why they thought it needed to have an 80mm fan cutout, but it’s most likely just a generic thing that gets thrown into the boxes of many power supplies.

Our two sets of zip ties.

And finally, the velcro cable ties with both bags of screws. Once again, I like the number of goodies that comes with one of these.