EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 Power Supply

Not so long ago, we saw our very first 80 Plus Titanium unit. A massive hulking brute of a power supply, it came to the lab and conquered all. But now, we have a challenger to the throne at last. EVGA comes to us with a unit that offers even more power at the same amazing level of efficiency. We’re going to find out right now if the 1600W T2 unit has the stuff that dreams are made of.

PRODUCT: SuperNOVA 1600 T2
PROD LINK: 1600 T2 Product Page
PRICE: $449.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Everybody run! It’s judgment day! Beware of anyone who looks like Robert Patrick or James Cameron! Steer clear of all puddles of liquid metal! Someone call Arnold Schwarzenegger, stat!

Oh. Never mind. I guess I should have had Mr. Nikon start shooting zoomed out.

Folks, the time has finally arrived – I’m looking at only the second 80 Plus Titanium unit to ever cross my path, the EVGA 1600W T2 beast. I must admit, EVGA really has their work cut out for them on this one. After all, look what this thing is competing against. Is it up to the job? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out, isn’t it?

I’m just going to lay it out right now… the AX1500i is no easy power supply to beat or even match. Corsair really took their time with that unit, because they wanted it done right the first time, and they wanted it to justify its absurdly high price. And boy howdy, did it ever. Competing with that unit will take a monumental effort. We don’t necessarily need to see the software interface, which is good because this unit doesn’t seem to brag about such a thing anywhere on the box. What we do need to see is an uncommonly high level of performance and no shortage of other features, and it all has to be rounded out by power conversion efficiency so high and over such a wide range of operating loads that to date there are still only eighteen Titanium units in total listed at the 80 Plus site.

Now, it’s not a very well kept secret right now that Super Flower is the OEM for this unit. You know it, I know it, the dog knows it. At least, I think he does. He could be planning out his table scrap begging strategy for later, too. We’ve seen Super Flower at 1600 watts before. Do I think EVGA has a real shot at holding a candle to the AX1500i? Darn right I do. For a company that had never done a unit in that size before, SF has really made an impression on me thus far.

And now here we are at Titanium. I honestly think Corsair has a good reason if they’re feeling a mite nervous right now. Not only did SF come out with Titanium relatively quickly, but they also are the only company at 80 Plus with a range of Titanium units. That puts them ahead of Seasonic and Delta, who have no 115V Titanium units listed between them. Seriously, go look… Super Flower currently accounts for one-third of all Titanium units to be certified as such. Enhance is next, with four units.

Moving on, I’m wondering if the box still thinks EVGA is #1…

Yep, it does. And I’m really starting to wonder now, myself. Thanks to their partnership with Super Flower, EVGA has been cranking out awesomeness and beating the competition left, right, and center. They’re starting to find themselves in the position Corsair was in, way back when.

Either this is my space ship here to take me back to my home planet, or we have a box to unpack.

It comes as no surprise to me that the box contents are exactly the same as we saw with the 1600W P2 unit. One power supply in a bag, a bunch of modular cables, a cable bag, some velcro cable ties, a power cord, some screws, a user guide, and a self-test connector.

The user guide is roughly the same thing that came with the P2 and G2 units. Like most, it could always be a little more complete but this is good enough for a pass from me.

This anaconda don’t… want… none unless you got… WATTS… hun. Oh… my… god, lookit that butt… connector.

Okay, so it’s not really a butt connector. Okay, so I’m not Sir Mix-a-Lot. Next page, please.