be quiet! Straight Power 10 800W Power Supply

I’m excited to bring you my very first review of a be quiet! unit today. I have the brand new Straight Power 10 800W unit on the load testers, and it’s ready for action. This unit is 80 Plus Gold, semi-modular, and comes with a rather interesting looking cooling fan indeed. Let’s see how it does.

SUPPLIED BY: be quiet!
PRODUCT: Straight Power 10 800W
PROD LINK: be quiet!’s Current Offerings
PRICE: £97.80 @ Scan
Price is at the time of testing!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “He’s going to make some kind of awful pun or lame joke about the name of the company providing today’s sample.” Well, I’m not going to do it. You can all just be… uh, not talking now… please.

Yes, today’s review unit is the be quiet! Straight Power 10. Actually, this is the first time I’ve actually looked at one of their units, so I’m a little excited about the idea of plunging into the unknown today.

According to this side of the box, this unit is 80 Plus Gold, has silent wings, claims efficiency up to 93% (which is a bit dubious – that’s Titanium territory), is both modular and stable, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Wow, is this box ever hard to read. We have a few tables with the cabling detailed and some output specs, plus the usual marketing talk in more than one language. It’s all the usual stuff, but it looks like be quiet! is especially pleased with their fannage in this unit. That’s what the whole Silent Wings deal is we saw on the front of the box. The fan has wings and they are silent. It’s also got a 6 pole motor and brags about having an “improved fan frame.”

Silent Wings… virtually inaudible cooling for your system, the box goes on to brag. Is that like “virtually spotless,” “fresh frozen,” or “affordable movie tickets?” I have no way of knowing. The load testers are already so ear bleeding loud that I always have to really crank my Corsair SP2500 system to listen to music in the same room.

One more shot of the box before I move on and open it up. All we have here, really, is more of the same marketing we already saw on the back of the box plus a few logos of sites where be quiet! has gotten good reviews.

It is time to unpack today’s review sample. There does seem to be a power supply in here, so I’ll take everything out now.

The box had a power supply, a Shuko power cord for the overseas market, some modular cables, a user guide, and a bag of goodies.

The user guide on this unit is excellent. It’s not quite as detailed as Silverstone’s multi-manual blitzkrieg of information but isn’t far behind either. We have all the specs we need, right here, including the rail distribution for the 12V side of things.

Yes, folks, be quiet! is one of the few companies not buying into the “single 12V is better” myth that has been rampant ever since PC Power and Cooling started it. The facts remain the same… multi-rail done right is not a drawback at all, and I still personally prefer properly designed overcurrent protection circuits in all my own rigs. First thing I did with my Corsair AX860i, AX1500i, and HX750i when I put them to work? I enabled the multi-rail stuff. Have I had any problems with them shutting down? No. That big one has powered six video cards in a mining rig. With the multi-rail on, not off.

This is the goody bag for this unit. Some screws and some zip ties. That’s all we see here today.